News: Successful Official Release of Brave’s Journey by Jan Goldie

With over 200 people celebrating the launch of the new IFWG fantasy adventure Brave’s Journey, it’s safe to say New Zealanders are fans of a good read. Held alongside a children’s art exhibition focused on the themes within the book, the launch was overrun with enthusiastic kids ready to show off their artwork and talk … Continue reading

News: Release of Brave’s Journey by Jan Goldie

It is with very great pleasure that we announce the release of Brave’s Journey by Jan Goldie, our first New Zealand author. This book is targeted to young to middling teenagers and is packed with epic fantasy adventure. We are already hearing good things about the novel, including the respected New Zealand author and reviewer, Lee Murray, stating, “A … Continue reading

Sneak Preview: Art from The Adventures of Teddy and Karl – Stories for Bedtime

Very soon IFWG Publishing will be releasing The Adventures of Teddy and Karl – Stories for Bedtime, by Rolf Svensen and illustrated by Jeffery E. Doherty. This is a MASSIVE project, taking well over a year and scores of amazing illustrations by Jeffery. All of amazing quality. This book is specifically created to be read … Continue reading

Update: Jan Goldie Meets IFWG Publishing

Despite the technological wonders of the modern world, enabling one to carry out business remotely, there is always the negative dimension where projects are carried out without ever having met some of the key participants. It was with pleasure that New Zealand author Jan Goldie was in Melbourne, Australia for a narrow window and was able to … Continue reading

Sneak Preview: Brave’s Journey by Jan Goldie

In the next few weeks we will be releasing our latest title: Brave’s Journey, by our first New Zealand author, Jan Goldie. This is a young adult fantasy novel, rich with world building. We are particularly pleased to publish a New Zealander, as we have had strong connections with the Land of the Long White Cloud as … Continue reading