Title: The Crying Forest

Agata Rosso, a once-mighty yet now prematurely aged European witch, believes that the special gifts in a young girl named Lía Munro can restore youth and vitality both to herself and her bedridden husband. She sets a deadly plan in motion to capture and use Lía-but will the girl have enough power to protect herself, plus the father she loves so much?

  • The Crying Forest
  • A Dark Phases quality dark fiction series title
  • Author: Venero Armanno
  • Australian English
  • ISBN: 978-1-925956-55-9
  • RRP: UK £21.99 AU$35.95 US$17.99 EU €15.99
  • Publisher: IFWG Publishing Australia
  • 334 pages – paperback, full colour   English
  • Binding: Perfect bound
  • Dimensions: 229mm x 152mm
  • eBook Formats: Available in Australia/UK/Europe through Kindle; available in all formats world-wide 1 February 2021.
  • Key Words: Adult fiction, Dark fiction, supernatural, thriller, horror, crime, Italian immigration, witchcraft
  • Publication Date: 2 November 2020 (AU/UK), 1 February 2021 (North America)
  • Distributor: (Australia/NZ) Novella Distributors; (North America) SPU/IPG; (UK/Europe) Gazelle; (elsewhere) Neilsen/Ingram