Title: Peripheral Visions: The Collected Ghost Stories (Volume 2)


The Peripheral Visions 2-volume series is a unique, award-winning reference collection that includes all of Robert Hood’s 44 ghost stories to date, including three original pieces of fiction. These memorable tales display Hood’s uncanny ability to make the fantastic real, to embrace weirdness and create human characters whose lives – both inner and outer – haunted by mortality, are laid bare and revealed to be our own worst nightmares. Ranging from melancholy reflection on life and death, through disquieting tales of dark humour and vengeance, to chilling visions of ghostly apocalypse.

Hood’s stories are sure to draw you into a terrifying world that in the end is revealed to be irrefutably our own. Though many of these stories draw on the traditions of the past, they are far from traditional in approach.

As you turn each page remember this: not everything here is as it seems. There’s always something more, barely glimpsed, out there on the periphery.

This is Volume 2 of the trade paperback version, comprising the second 3 of the 6 haunted sections of the complete 2-volume series, including 4 illustrations by Nick Stathopoulos.

  • Peripheral Visions: The Collected Ghost Stories Volume 2
  • Author: Robert Hood
  • Australian English
  • ISBN:  978-1-925148-67-1
  • RRP: UK £23.99 AU$44.95 US$20.99 EU €19.99
  • Publisher: IFWG Publishing Australia (SQ Mag)
  • Mature Readers
  • 506 pages
  • Binding: trade paperback
  • Dimensions: 229mm x 152mm
  • eBook Formats: As part of IFWG’s transition to a new Distributor, there will be a short wait for ebook availability
  • Key Words: Horror/Dark Fantasy – Ghost Stories (short fiction collection)
  • Publication Date: Volume 2, June 2015
  • Distributor: (Australia/NZ) Novella Distributors; (UK/Europe) Gazelle; (elsewhere) Neilsen/Ingram

A signed, limited version of the hardcover edition is available until 200 copies are sold. Click here for more details, including bonus material.



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