The Five Star Republic Book Launch Shop

This offer is only valid for 11-12 December 2021, to celebrate the official launch of The Five Star Republic. The following links will allow you to purchase from our shop (please choose geography you are located in):

Paperback (US Trade Paperback size):

Australian readers: AU$34.95 (includes shipping)

US/Canadian readers: US$24.99 (includes shipping)

UK/Europe/all other geographies: GB£19.99 (includes shipping)


Australian readers: AU$39.95 (includes shipping)

US/Canadian readers: US$29.99 (includes shipping)

UK/Europe/all other geographies: GB£24.99 (includes shipping)

Signed Limited Edition:

Australian readers: AU$65.00 (includes shipping)

US/Canadian readers: US$65.00 (includes shipping)

UK/Europe/all other geographies: GB£50.00 (includes shipping)