Cover Reveal: The Harbinger of Death by Paula Boer

IFWG is excited to reveal the cover of Paula Boer’s third instalment in her The Equinora Chronicles, The Harbinger of Death. The cover and design work was by one of IFWG’s regular artists, Steve Santiago (who did all three).

When rotfrogs poison the wetlands in Westlands, Prism, the youngest unicorn, is sent by Aureana, Equinora’s goddess, to overcome the invasion. But despite her golden wings, Prism is unable to fly due to her fear of heights. She makes the long treacherous journey across the mountains on foot, accompanied by Delsin, a spirit man and Rocky, a mortal horse. Prism falls in love with Rocky, but is tormented due to her desire for an immortal soulmate.  

By the time they arrive in Westlands, a blight has spread to all living things. When Prism confronts her grandsire, the guardian of the territory, a battle ensues between the older and younger generations of unicorns, causing devastating fire and floods. Prism must warn all the people and animals of the land to seek safety, at the same time as finding a cure for the plague. However, unless she can master her fear, she won’t be able to save the whole of Equinora from becoming a desolate wasteland.

The Harbinger of Death will be released in July 2022.

New Release: The Carbonite’s Daughter by Deryn Pittar

IFWG are very pleased to announce the release of New Zealand author, Deryn Pittar’s young adult dystopian novel, The Carbonite’s Daughter. We are also over the moon with the wonderful artwork by Anthony Christou, and the cover design by Greg Chapman.

Deryn and her novel has a very close tie to IFWG, as, for a number of years, we ran an online ezine of short fiction, SQ Mag, and each year we ran a short fiction contest called ‘Story Quest’. Pittar won the 2014 contest with her wonderful short piece, ‘The Carbonite’s Daughter’. Unbeknownst to us, Pittar had clearly been inspired by her story – and its reception – and wrote this young adult novel.

IFWG acquired the rights to publish The Carbonite’s Daughter on the strength of the novel, not the source of Pittar’s inspiration. The story has many fresh elements to it, including its setting in New Zealand, and the science fiction/post apocalyptic/dystopian themes. The female protagonist is strong and believable, and the subject matter is raw and introspective on society today.

To lead or to breed? Calista has this choice, but before she can make a decision she needs to leave the protection of the tunnels and chance her life outside, where radiation kills and people wither – so she is told. Who can she believe – her father or the MICs (Men In Charge)?

Fear battles with her desire for adventure, and if she stays another insemination looms.

Set in dystopian New Zealand, post a Nuclear Dawn, this is a story of growth and discovery and the realisation that things aren’t always as they seem.

The Carbonite’s Daughter is available in ebook and print formats from all quality online and bricks and mortar stores.

New Acquisition: The Ferren Trilogy by Richard Harland

IFWG Publishing is delighted to have acquired the rights to publish best-selling author, Richard Harland’s Ferren Trilogy.

The trilogy received critical acclaim well over ten years ago, with literary luminaries such as Isobel Carmody calling the first book, Ferren and the Angel, a “…rare thing, a profoundly original fantasy that is at the same time, funny, tender and wise. A lovely gem of a book.” Ian Irvine called it a “[c]aptivating, dazzlingly original fantasy.” IFWG recognised the brilliance of this trilogy and was acutely aware that it wasn’t released with any significant market penetration beyond Australia’s shores, and that there is a new generation of young adult fantasy readers waiting in the aisles for this masterpiece series.

Additionally, Richard Harland has expressed his eagerness to do a best and final edition of the books, making changes that he believed cried out for improvement. We certainly want to facilitate Richard’s wishes, and so we view this book deal as a rare and ideal collaboration. We are very much looking forward to working with him on this exciting project.

Ferren and the Angel (second edition) will be released in the second quarter of 2023, with books 2 and 3 following through in 2024 and 2025.

A fantasy world like no other – a retro-future where the armies of Earth wage war against the armies of Heaven. Heaven’s armies are composed of angels and archangels, but Earth’s armies aren’t human – they’re artificially created beings known as Humen. The real remaining human beings, or Residuals, have been reduced to scattered primitive tribes, fearful of Heaven, beaten down by the Humen, and living their lives in ignorance and superstition.

Ferren is a young Residual in a tribe that calls itself the People, and he’s a little less beaten down, a little more curious than the rest. When a warrior angel is shot from the sky and crashes to Earth nearby, he goes to investigate.

That’s the beginning of his adventures. He journeys to the military camp of the Humen where he finds out about the horrific technology used to create artificial beings from the raw material of Residuals; encounters the morphs or souls of the deceased no longer allowed into Heaven; fights against the giant Doctor Saniette; unites the scattered tribes in a revolutionary alliance; is deceived by a darkly beautiful angel with a flying wing composed of souls; and finally pursues the invading Humen armies right up into Heaven itself.

In the face of apocalyptic battles, psycho-spiritual weapons, betrayal and monstrous evil, Ferren’s only hope of survival and success lies in joining forces with the damaged warrior angel who crashed to Earth and can never fly again…

Richard Harland is the author of the internationally best-selling steampunk novel, Worldshaker, and its sequels Liberator and Song of the Slums. He also wrote the bizarre gothic-macabre duopoly, The Vicar of Morbing Vyle and The Black Crusade, and for younger readers, the Wolf Kingdom quartet, Walter Wants to be a Werewolf and Sassycat. Other novels include the Eddon and Vail SF series; his published short stories move into horror and the supernatural as well as SF, fantasy, steampunk and slipstream.

Richard has won many awards for his novels and short stories, including six Aurealis Awards, the A. Bertram Chandler Award, and (in France) the Tam Tam Je Bouquine Award.

Before resigning to write speculative fiction full-time, he was a university lecturer, and before that, a folk-rock singer-songwriter and a published (but not very productive) poet. He was born in Huddersfield in England, and grew up in Hadleigh, a very pretty village in Suffolk. But the weather wasn’t pretty, and he escaped to Australia at the age of 22. Since then, he’s moved in a circle around Sydney – Newcastle to the north, the Blue Mountains to the west and the Illawarra to the south. He’s now settled in Figtree, near Wollongong, between the green escarpment and a string of golden beaches. He lives with partner Aileen and labrador Yogi. He writes every morning of every day of the year until about 1.30 p.m., then plans and drafts more writing for a couple of hours in the afternoon. He loves cooking, watching crime series and soccer on TV, and playing with the dog.

New Acquisition: Kat by Michael B Fletcher and Paula Boer

IFWG is delighted to add another new title to its forward catalogue of Young Adult fiction, in this case a science fiction titled Kat, by Australian writers Michael B Fletcher and Paula Boer. Both writers have published with IFWG before – one of our earliest titles is Kings of Under-Castle by Fletcher, a collection of dark humorous fantasy short fiction with common rogues, and we have published seven titles by Paula Boer, ranging from middle grade horse adventure stories, to young adult fantasy.

This collaboration attracted us immediately, as did the storyline, and we are pleased indeed to have acquired it. Kat will be released in the fourth quarter of 2023.

When the illegal organisation Hunters Extreme targets intelligent beings across the galaxy, Kat’s lifemate is murdered. Despite being of a pacifist feline-like species, Kat seeks vengeance, only to discover she has murdered the wrong man, the son of an Intergalactic Council member. Pursued by enforcers and exiled from her pride, Kat must kill again to save her life. Aided by a canine-like mystic and a mysterious Agency, she and two young human friends commence a deadly pursuit across the galaxy. To prevent the hunting of intelligent species to extinction, Kat must follow her predator instincts and deny her pacifist culture in a world of kill or be killed.

Michael B Fletcher is a writer of adult and YA speculative fiction including fantasy, science fiction and horror. His first book Kings of Under-Castle, humorous adventures featuring two rogues living in the drains under a medieval castle, was published by IFWG  Publishing Australia

Fletcher has over eighty short stories in magazines and anthologies in Australia, USA and the UK. An anthology of his science-fiction and fantasy stories, A Taste of Honey, was published by Double Dragon, a Fiction4All imprint.

Masters of Scent, the first book of his fantasy trilogy is to be published by IFWG Publishing Australia. 

He is a member of Gunnabees, a group of published Tasmanian writers who meet monthly to provide a supportive environment and hone their writing skills.

Paula Boer loves and cares about all animals, especially horses. She has had many animal-centric novels published as well as non-fiction. Paula conducts creative writing workshops, participates at writers’ festivals, is a regular judge for the Aurealis Awards, a submissions reader for Aurealis Magazine, and a Full Member of the Australian Society of Authors. 

New Acquisition: Dream Weaver by Steven Paulsen

IFWG has had a long and fruitful relationship with the very talented Australian author, Steve Paulsen, including publishing a collection of his weird and dark fiction, Shadows on the Wall, as well as publishing some of his short fiction in flagship anthologies over recent years. It is with great pleasure that we can announce the acquisition of his Young Adult historical fantasy novel, Dream Weaver, which will put on display another dimension to Paulsen’s already significant literary repertoire, and which also adds to IFWG’s YA catalogue, which is growing in respect and acclaim.

Dream Weaver will be released in the second quarter of 2023. Stay tuned for more information about this upcoming title.

Anatolia – Autumn, 1405 AD.

The Ottoman Sultan and the barbaric Turko-Mongol conqueror Timur Lenk are both dead.

The empire is on the verge of collapse, caught up in bloody civil war. And dark powers are rising, employing Uzbeg mercenaries and blood magic to wrest control of the country.

In a small Mediterranean coastal town, a street-wise sixteen-year-old orphan named Ali starts to have uncontrollable nightmares he thinks are predicting the future, only to learn they are creating the future.

His dreams attract unwanted attention, and in an attempt to rid himself of them, Ali sets off on a quest to find a mythical sage called Luman, pursued by the evil men who killed his mother and will stop at nothing to capture him and corrupt his unwanted powers with gemeye blood magic.

An historical adventure/fantasy/romance story for Young Adults that will appeal to readers young and old.

Steven Paulsen is an award-winning Speculative Fiction writer. His bestselling spooky middle-grade children’s book, The Stray Cat (Lothian/Hachette 1996), illustrated by Hugo and Oscar Award winning artist Shaun Tan, was runner up for the Ditmar Award and has seen publication in several English and foreign language editions. His short stories, described by Isobelle Carmody as beautifully written and subtle, have appeared in books and magazines in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The best of these (including new fiction written expressly for the book) can be found in his short story collection, Shadows on the Wall (IFWG Publishing Australia, 2018), which won the Australian Horror Writers Association Shadows Award for Best Collected Work.

Bundle Offer: The Complete Reforging Series by Barbara Howe

IFWG has just released the final of Barbara Howe’s Reforging series, The Forge, and to celebrate this release, as well as the conclusion of this masterful young adult series, we are offering to ship the five books to purchasers, anywhere in the world(*), until the end of January 2022.

What makes Howe’s Reforging so special is the mix of detailed world-building in an alt-historical Europe, combined with strong and realistic female protagonists. She has stated on more than one occasion that she wrote the books so that she could read them to her daughter without cringing at how female characters are portrayed in fantasy novels. IFWG bought the rights to this series on the strength of this, but also because Howe is a superb writer and clearly her books would be enjoyed by mature readers as well.

The five novels are:

  1. The Locksmith
  2. Engine of Lies
  3. The Blacksmith
  4. The Wordsmith
  5. The Forge