Title Video: Shadows in the Stone

IFWG is very pleased with the response to Jack Dann’s latest novel, Shadows in the Stone, and to celebrated this, we have a wonderful promo video here for your viewing pleasure.

Shadows in the Stone is available world-wide from every quality book store, online and bricks and mortar.

Animation/Music Video associated with Sealskin Coast

Rowena Evans, author and illustrator of Sealskin Coast, says:

“The ballad of the Greet Selkie of Sule Skerry is a story from the Scottish legend of the selkies, people who have the ability to transform into seals and vice versa. Selkies are reputed to be beautiful in human form, and from time to time marry ordinary humans, usually with tragic consequences one way or another – but what self respecting folk song isn’t full of tragedy? The words, from the island of Orkney, are found in the Child Ballads, collected in the second half of the 19th century, and the tune that is now known was written in the 20th century in a traditional style.

I have been free with both the words and the tune in what I consider to be the prerogative of anyone who sings a folk song, and hope that this version of the song will be enjoyed by those who hear it and see the animation that accompanies it. Many thanks to those who participated in making the clip; Eleanor Evans, Ben Warner and Rodney Clancy.

This song and animation is an accompaniment to my novel for readers of 10 to 100, Sealskin Coast, released May 2014 by IFWG Publishing Australia http://www.ifwgaustralia.com, which is a depiction of the selkie myth in a modern, southern hemisphere setting.”

Well done, Rowena!