News: Star Quake 1 and Star Quake 2 Special Deal

With the release of Star Quake 2, and now having a real, tangible series on our hands, we thought we’d celebrate by offering the two books at a great discount. Click on either image and you will be taken to the special offer page.   

News: Star Quake 2 Is Now Published

  Star Quake 2, the second ‘best of SQ Mag’ annual anthology is now released in Amazon, Kobo and can be bought in EPUB and Kindle-compatible formats through our web site. Other fine online ebook retailers will shortly follow suit. Additionally, the print version will be available over the next few days.

Sneek Peek: Cover and TOC reveal of Star Quake 2

Over here in IFWG Publishing Australia, we are excited about the imminent release of Star Quake 2, our second annual ‘best of SQ Mag’ anthology. A particular highlight is the cover. Our practice – and now it is a tradition – is to pick one of the best suited SQ Mag covers of the same…

News: TOC For Forthcoming Star Quake 2 Anthology

We are pleased to announce that Star Quake 2 will be publishing in the next few weeks, and to give you a taste of what we are including, the following is our Table of Contents: A Man and His Parasite by Cat Rambo Fairest Fowl by J.B. Rockwell Born Again by Nu Yang Chinaman’s Bluff…