News: Star Quake 1 and Star Quake 2 Special Deal

With the release of Star Quake 2, and now having a real, tangible series on our hands, we thought we’d celebrate by offering the two books at a great discount. Click on either image and you will be taken to the special offer page.   

News: Star Quake 1 shortlisted for Australian Shadows Award

We are ecstatic to announce that Star Quake 1, the first ‘best of’ anthology of SQ Mag, has been short listed for the edited work category in the Australian Shadows Awards. This is a great achievement for our inaugural year, and especially for editor, Sophie Yorkston.

News: SFSignal Gives Star Quake 1 Media Exposure

We are very pleased that SFSignal, a prominent and Hugo Award-winning international speculative fiction fanzine, has continued to support SQ Mag. This time they have provided a prominent article with Star Quake 1’s table of contents. Support them, and encourage them to support us! The link is here.