Cover Reveal: X-Dimensional Assassin Zai Through the Unfolded Earth by Jason Franks

IFWG is very happy indeed to reveal the amazing cover of Jason Frank’s contemporary fantasy/SF/crime novel about tourism and murder, X-Dimensional Assassin Zai Through the Unfolded Earth. The cover and design work was by the very talented and lauded Italian artist, Daniele Serra.

More information will be forthcoming over the next several months.

X-Dimensional Assassin Zai Through the Unfolded Earth will be released in September 2022.

New Release: The Paradox War by Ian C Douglas (final in the Zeke Hailey Series)

IFWG Australia is pleased to announce its release of Ian C Douglas’ final book in his Zeke Hailey middle grade science fiction series, The Paradox War. “Yet another of our series has reached its conclusion,” said Gerry Huntman, Managing Director of IFWG, “and yet again there’s mixed emotions involved. Another imaginative, riveting young teen novel has been produced by Douglas, but it is sad to see it end. This five-book series travelled with much of IFWG’s corporate journey, being an early book of ours, and one of the few that was produced by a UK author. There is beautiful continuity between all of its covers, beginning with the amazing artwork of book 1 by Dutch artist Tais Teng, and followed on by our regular artist Catherine Archer-Wills. Design started with Grace Chan, and Catherine took over in that department as well in the later books. This last book delivers us a fitting conclusion and we believe it is masterful. We encourage teens and adults alike, to read this futuristic adventure.”

Mars has fallen and Earth is next. As the Spiral tightens its deadly grip on humanity, Fitch Crawley serves as a murderous emissary. No one can stop them. Least of all Zeke Hailey, on a far-flung moon, resurrected but his memory wiped clean. 

Never has Zeke more needed his best friend, but Scuff Barnum is gone. Hurled billions of years back in time. Scuff is trapped with the ancient Martians on the eve of the calamity that destroyed them. Could he change prehistory or is he doomed to perish in a fiery apocalypse?       

Zeke struggles to cure his amnesia, aided by a mysterious scientist and aliens. But even if Zeke recovers, what chance has he of returning to Mars for one last stand? Now that the colonists are dead and only robots and monsters remain. Truly, the Spiral will kill all life in the universe.

The Paradox War is available now in ebook and print formats from all quality online and bricks and mortar stores in Australia, UK, Europe and New Zealand. It will be released in ebook and print formats in the USA and Canada on 30 May 2022.

The first four books in the series:

New Acquisition: Kat by Michael B Fletcher and Paula Boer

IFWG is delighted to add another new title to its forward catalogue of Young Adult fiction, in this case a science fiction titled Kat, by Australian writers Michael B Fletcher and Paula Boer. Both writers have published with IFWG before – one of our earliest titles is Kings of Under-Castle by Fletcher, a collection of dark humorous fantasy short fiction with common rogues, and we have published seven titles by Paula Boer, ranging from middle grade horse adventure stories, to young adult fantasy.

This collaboration attracted us immediately, as did the storyline, and we are pleased indeed to have acquired it. Kat will be released in the fourth quarter of 2023.

When the illegal organisation Hunters Extreme targets intelligent beings across the galaxy, Kat’s lifemate is murdered. Despite being of a pacifist feline-like species, Kat seeks vengeance, only to discover she has murdered the wrong man, the son of an Intergalactic Council member. Pursued by enforcers and exiled from her pride, Kat must kill again to save her life. Aided by a canine-like mystic and a mysterious Agency, she and two young human friends commence a deadly pursuit across the galaxy. To prevent the hunting of intelligent species to extinction, Kat must follow her predator instincts and deny her pacifist culture in a world of kill or be killed.

Michael B Fletcher is a writer of adult and YA speculative fiction including fantasy, science fiction and horror. His first book Kings of Under-Castle, humorous adventures featuring two rogues living in the drains under a medieval castle, was published by IFWG  Publishing Australia

Fletcher has over eighty short stories in magazines and anthologies in Australia, USA and the UK. An anthology of his science-fiction and fantasy stories, A Taste of Honey, was published by Double Dragon, a Fiction4All imprint.

Masters of Scent, the first book of his fantasy trilogy is to be published by IFWG Publishing Australia. 

He is a member of Gunnabees, a group of published Tasmanian writers who meet monthly to provide a supportive environment and hone their writing skills.

Paula Boer loves and cares about all animals, especially horses. She has had many animal-centric novels published as well as non-fiction. Paula conducts creative writing workshops, participates at writers’ festivals, is a regular judge for the Aurealis Awards, a submissions reader for Aurealis Magazine, and a Full Member of the Australian Society of Authors. 

Cover Reveal: The Paradox War by Ian C Douglas

IFWG is extremely pleased to reveal the cover of The Paradox War, by Ian C. Douglas, the fifth and last book in his middle grade science fiction The Zeke Hailey Series. It’s been a long journey and we love the final cover by the very talented Catherine Archer-Wills, not only for its quality, but also how it rounds off the series so well, including choice of colour palette.

We will reveal more about this title in coming weeks.

The Paradox War will be released world wide in March 2022, and preorders will be available in January 2022.

Book Deal: X-Dimensional Assassin Zai Through the Unfolded Earth

It is with great pleasure that we can announce a book deal with Jason Franks for his latest novel, X-Dimensional Assassin Zai Through the Unfolded Earth, a story that turns well-known sub-genres upside-down, as he did with his earlier IFWG title, Faerie Apocalypse. “Jason always delivers,” said Gerry Huntman, Managing Director of IFWG, “and provides original takes to themes, characters and storylines. This manuscript is no different and will be a delight to publish.”

Zai is an international assassin who’s mainly in it for the travel opportunities. So, when his new agency starts to send him on assignment to places that do not exist, it’s a dream come true.

Crooked accountants; faerie industrialists; down-at-heels gods; secret police chiefs. A hidden continent colonized by refugees from sunken Atlantis; a secret space station; an aerostatic city-state; a post-apocalyptic Faerie Land; a Britain that has Brexited from the entire universe. Whoever you are, and wherever you hide, X-Dimensional Assassin Zai will find you… but not until he’s seen the sights and tried all the local cuisine.

X-Dimensional Assassin Zai is a fantasy/SF/crime novel about tourism and murder.

Jason Franks is the author of the novels Bloody Waters, Faerie Apocalypse, and Shadowmancy, as well as the Sixsmiths graphic novel series. Most of his work, in prose and comics, falls into (or out of) some combination of the horror, fantasy, science fiction and comedy genres. Franks’ books have variously been shortlisted for Aurealis, Ledger and Ditmar awards. In the real world he works as a software engineer and data scientist.

He lives in Melbourne, Australia. Find out more at

X-Dimensional Assassin Zai Through the Unfolded Earth will be published world-wide in 2022.