In Memoriam: Peter Rondel

It is with great sadness that we have learned today that one of our authors, Peter Rondel, has passed away. It was a shock to us, but doubly so that we didn’t know he passed back in October last year.

Peter had a long-standing relationship with IFWG Publishing, certainly back to the first few years of our operations. For a while we ran a print magazine called ‘SQ Magazine’ (that later morphed into a longer-running ezine called ‘SQ Mag’) and his story, The Face in the Frame, appeared in the very first edition in 2011. On the strength of this work, we read and accepted a delightful children’s illustrated book, A Magpie Called Will, and beautifully illustrated by New Zealand artist Frances Hutt. This was published in the same year, 2011, and only recently ceased printing. In 2016 we were very happy to publish his climate change science fiction novel, In the Heat of the Day, which is currently still in print.

We know Peter has published elsewhere and that he had a penchant for literary works and poetry, above and beyond the genre fiction we were honoured to facilitate for him. In part because he lived in Western Australia, and we were on the east coast, we never had the chance to personally meet him and have the opportunity to know him better. We also know he was a mature writer and it gladdens our hearts that we were able to help him get published, however humbly it may have been. Nevertheless, these circumstances contributed to us missing his passing until now, and this has made us wonder, how many in our writing and reading communities knew of this, or even knew him.

This isn’t right. We are not saying that our communities should have known him, or know of his passing (perhaps some of you did, particularly in WA), but we want to acknowledge him now, this last time, so that he can be given the respect he deserved:

Peter was a quality author with a great diversity of writing styles at his disposal. His children’s book tells us that he loved children and no doubt children loved him. He was in tune with important global matters, including climate change. His passing is a loss to our writing community and he will be missed. We pass our sincerest condolences to his family and friends.

We are in communication with Peter’s family on administrative matters.

We do ask you to consider purchasing Peter’s last novel, In the Heat of the Day, if you are unfamiliar with his work (print and kindle).

New Release: In the Heat of the Day by Peter Rondel

IFWG Publishing is very pleased to announce the release of Peter Rondel‘s climate change science fiction novel, In the Heat of the Day. “We are particularly proud of this title,” Gerry Huntman, Managing Director of IFWG Publishing Australia said, “as it is our first adult science fiction novel for our Australian imprint, as well as covering an underrepresented subgenre – climate change. Two firsts.”


Peter Rondel is not new to IFWG Publishing, as he has a wonderful children’s illustrated novel published with us, A Magpie Called Will, in collaboration with New Zealand artist, Frances Hutt.

For decades, the subject of climate change and global warming were regarded as nonsense by many. When the threat becomes a reality, one young technician seeks solutions to the world’s biggest problems when oil becomes unavailable.

The need for electric power and new means of transport become his dedication. Unable to afford patents, his inventions become the target for a criminal group. His girlfriend is kidnapped to force him to cooperate.

Technically, he deceives the group with false information and is forced to relocate to a cave in Australia’s far north. He is faced with the consequences of his deceptions when global tragedies become the result.

In the Heat of the Day is currently available in Kindle and Kobo format, and will be soon available in print and other ebook formats. EPUB and Kindle compatible formats can now be purchased direct from the publisher.

Preview: In the Heat of the Day by Peter Rondel

In only a matter of days we will be releasing Peter Rondel’s latest novel, In the Heat of the Day – a science fiction novel within the climate change sub-genre. More information will be available on release, but in the meantime, enjoy the cover by Elizabeth Lang.


and its full spread:


News: Release of A Magpie Called Will

IFWG Publishing is happy to announce the release of the Australian version of A Magpie Called Will, a children’s fantasy by Western Australian author, Peter Rondel, and New Zealand illustrator, Frances Hutt.

IFWG released the US version a few years ago, when the Australian Imprint did not exist, and this new release is the final step in transitioning a few Australian-oriented titles to where they better sit. IFWG is particularly pleased that an Australian story, largely set in Australia, is finally published in the appropriate vernacular. The cover design is by the talented Elizabeth Lang of EL Design (Canada), and internal block design was handled by the very capable Geoff Brown (Cohesion Editing and Proofing).

The print and ebook versions of A Magpie Called Will will be out soon through all good online stores, but the print version can be bought now through the publisher’s website.

Front Cover A Magpie Called Will

Michael befriends a magpie that is smarter than he is. The magic of Merlin The Magician reaches across the years to the present day, and suddenly, the two worlds are joined by the magpie’s secret.

What will the boy discover behind the ancient stone archway?