News: IFWG Publishing Australia at Melbourne Supanova

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We’re sure most of you know, but just in case…we are pleased to announce we will be having a prominent table at Supanova (right next to Cohesion Press), on 11th and 12th of April 2015. We have a great deal to offer:

  • Peripheral Visions by Robert Hood will be there for sale (the single volume hardcover edition – over 800 pages, and Volume 1 of the two volume version, Trade Paperback – over 400 pages). The hardcover edition will contain the wonderful artwork of Nick Stathopoulos both inside and out.
  • Peripheral Visions is officially published on the 10th April, and so this will be the Melbourne Launch of the title. Robert will be in attendance on the Saturday (11th), and will participate in two lots of book signings. Be there or be square!
  • There will still be an opportunity to sign up for the limited edition version of Peripheral Visions, clothbound. First round of shipment will be late April, early May.
  • A great discount will be available for those who purchase Volume 1 of Peripheral Visions (trade paperback) and sign up for Volume 2 (will be shipped about a month later).
  • There will be great discounts on other IFWG Publishing, and IFWG Publishing Australia titles:
    • Sealskin Coast by Snowy Mountains author Rowena Evans (young teen contemporary fantasy adventure)
    • Kings of Under Castle by Tasmanian Michael Fletcher (collection of fantasy stories, all containing the roguish adventures of Pickel and Weasle, who live in the drains of the king’s castle)
    • Loria by Canadian Jesse Mc Minn (alternate Earth fantasy adventure)
    • Buxacan Spicerunner by American Warren Goodwin (fantasy buccaneer adventure)
    • The Pouakai by American David Sperry (Science Fiction alien invasion novel set in the South Pacific islands)
    • Die Laughing by American Louis K Lowy (poignant Science Fiction set in the late 50s US)
    • The Infinity Trap by UK author Ian C Douglas (young teen science fiction adventure set on Mars)
    • Against The Elements by UK author Esme Carpenter (young teen fantasy adventure)
    • Star Quake 1 and Star Quake 2, the ‘Best of’ SQ Mag stories for 2012 and 2013, with original fiction by greats such as Jay Lake, Gary McMahon, Emma Newman, Cat Rambo, Daniel I Russell, Cat Sparks, and many more.

We look forward to seeing you there – Gerry Huntman (Managing Director) and Stephen McCracken (Marketing Director) will be stationed at the desk, and would love to have a chat.

Here’s a preview of the full jacket cover of Peripheral Visions hardcover (and limited edition), noting the Dark Phases series logo.


Some of our other titles for sale:

SQ-BEST-Cover  draft front cover ate

Sealskin Coast Front Cover  front cover

News: Additional Bonus for Preorders of Peripheral Visions

If the current list of bonus material for pre-ordering Robert Hood’s signed limited edition of Peripheral Visions (single cloth cover) is amazing, we decided to insanely add another!

Until stock is exhausted, all readers who pre-order the deluxe hardcover edition will receive a signed copy of Robert Hood’s novel Backstreets. This includes all pre-orders to date.


Backstreets is a 309-page novel by Robert Hood that was published by Hodder Headline in 1999. As indicated by its tagline – “It only takes a moment for the world to change utterly” – it chronicles how the 17-year-old protagonist deals with his grief when he wakes up after a car accident to find that he has been in a coma and that his best friend, who had been in the car when they crashed, is dead. Plagued by strange dreams and half-seen figures, he begins to believe that his friend isn’t dead at all, just lost. He begins searching the city, looking for his friend and for some sort of peace. Slowly he is drawn into the displaced world of the city’s backstreets, where he finds his life spiraling out of control.

Hood said about Backstreets: “To a large extent this novel was written in response to the accidental death of Luke Westbury, my stepson, on the 19th of December, 1997. It explores aspects of the grief felt by all of us who knew him. Though it uses some autobiographical elements (such as the Metallica concert and many aspects of Luke’s personality), it is, however, a work of fiction. For the publisher it was a naturalistic drama; I always saw it as a ghost story and that ambiguity infuses much of its approach and atmosphere.”

Backstreets was very successful at the time, provoking such comment as this from the magazine Viewpoint: “Confrontational and uncompromising, [Backstreets] deserves our attention and praise. There are some great writers on the Australian YA fiction scene and Robert Hood is one of them.” It is currently out of print.

Plug: Ghost Stories site delves deeper into Robert Hood’s Peripheral Visions

Peripheral Visions, the upcoming collected ghost stories of Robert Hood, is getting a life of its own. What with the amazing art of Nick Stathopoulos gracing the covers, and the hardcover internal layout, as well as the consistent aesthetics wrapped around it. It deserves to be IFWG’s first title in its prestigious Dark Phases series.

We would recommend you to visit Robert’s site, where there is more artwork, and where there will be articles and other goodies fast tracking in coming weeks. Just click this photo of Robert and Nick and…a visitor…

Nick and Rob and uninvited guest - photo by Cat Sparks, artwork by Nick Stathopoulos

Nick and Rob and uninvited guest – photo by Cat Sparks, artwork by Nick Stathopoulos