IFWG Author, Paula Boer, Judges Brumbies Art Competition

On Saturday 26th April 2014, Paula Boer, IFWG author of the Brumbies series, visited Snowprint Bookshop in Jindabyne to judge the Brumbies art competition.

Paula said, “There were some very creative entries, from three-dimensional pictures of brumbies to driftwood horses. I had a hard time making a decision.”

The winner ,Jasmine Langdon, won a set of three books: Brumbies, Brumbies in the Snow and Brumbies in the Mist. Runner-up, Maddy Ross, won a copy of the first book in the series. The highly commended artists, each receiving a Brumbies in the Snow poster, were Genevieve Ross, Cooper Young, Zana Evans and Pippa Bright.

Well done to all the winners! Look out for news of the Brumbies photographic competition in May. Winners will be announced at the launch of Brumbies in the Outback on June 7th 2014 at Snowprint.

The Winner: Jasmine Langdon

The Winner: Jasmine Langdon

Runner Up - Maddy Ross

Runner Up – Maddy Ross

Highly Commended - Genevieve Ross

Highly Commended – Genevieve Ross

Highly Commended - Pippa Bright

Highly Commended – Pippa Bright

The Winners with author, Paula Boer

The Winners with author, Paula Boer

Photo: Paula Boer, IFWG Author, at Beaconsfield Festival of Golden Words

Great photo of Paula Boer, contributing to a writer panel at the Beaconsfield Festival of Golden Words (in Tasmania), a large and popular event, on the weekend of 15 March 2014.

Where Ideas Come From croppedFrom left to right
Tansy Raynor-Roberts (aka Livia Day), Nick Earls, Russell Eldridge, Paula Boer, Poppy Gee
at the Beaconsfield Festival of Golden Words session ‘Where Writers’ Ideas Come From”

News: Release of Chap-eBook, ‘Impounded’ by Paula Boer

It is with pleasure that IFWG Publishing Australia releases its first Chap-eBook, a short story titled ‘Impounded’ by Paula Boer.

We have added it to the chap-ebook catalog held by IFWG Publishing (International), but this work is written in Australian English, set very much in Australia. It was first published in Angie’s Diary (September 2013), coming second in the writer ezine’s inaugural short story competition. We are proud to reproduce it here, and to showcase in short fiction form the talented writer that Paula Boer is.


The story of the struggle of a barramundi hatchling, bred within the fish farming industry, and escaping into the wild. A lovely short story, with evocative language from the point of view of the courageous animal.

The opening paragraph:

The wet season has arrived in the tropical north-west, a time of destruction and renewal. Nutrient-rich waters flood into the sea, the layers mixing in plumes as the waves churn. Nimbus clouds broil, engulfing the entire sky. Thunder echoes off the sandstone cliffs that stand sentinel to the river openings. Broadened by the floods, the swollen mouths gobble up sandy shores and scrub-filled lowlands, swamping the coast that lay bleached and dehydrated only weeks before.

Additionally, we are impressed with the cover, designed by Elizabeth Lang.

The short story can be purchased for a low US$0.99 in EPUB or PRC (Kindle Compatible) formats.