Event: Triple Header Children’s Book Launch

We are very happy to announce that three of our most recent titles, all children/young teen books, will have their formal book launch together at the marvellous Harry Hartog Bookstore in Westfield Woden, ACT, on 13 February 2016. It will be held from 1.30pm to 3.00pm and we hope that plenty of book-reading families take their children along. There will be readings, signings, music, colouring-in, sketching by artists, and drinks and nibbles. 4 of our authors, two of whom are fine artists, are represented, covering 10 titles published by IFWG Publishing Australia.

Come and enjoy the festivities!

extravaganza 20160213

News: Brumbies Series at Tom Quilty 50th Anniversary National Endurance Championships

Paula Boer, author of the Brumbies series, attended the Tom Quilty 50th Anniversary National Endurance Championships, held at Del Rio Resort at Wiseman’s Ferry on the Hawkesbury River (New South Wales, Australia). Given the auspicious anniversary, it was a huge event and Paula, who was once an endurance rider herself, enjoyed the proceedings and had the opportunity to sell her signed Brumbies series books. She stated it was an exciting, enjoyable, and successful experience.

There were over 350 riders in the event, which took place from midnight 5th June to midnight 6th June. The ride is in 5 legs with vet checks and rest periods between each leg so overall elapsed ride time is more than the 18 hours 8 minutes and 4 seconds! No wonder they call it endurance!

Here is Paula at her stand at the event:

paula at stand

Paula had the opportunity to speak to many of the participants, and a great deal of interest was given to her 5-book series – reflected in healthy sales.

An example of one of the participants she met was Alissa Woods, 13, who lives in Queensland. She started her endurance career in May 2012 and had her first attempt at a Quilty buckle in June 2013 (age 11) but vetted out on the first leg. She came 11th out of 22 junior entrants. Alissa is a reader of Horsewyse Magazine and Paula will be doing an interview with her for the next edition. The following photograph shows Paula with Alyssa.

alissa woods

Congratulations to Paula on a great experience, as well as the success of her series within the horse-riding community!

The Brumbies books can be purchased from all good online print and ebook retail stores, including directly via this site:

Brumbies in the Snow
Brumbies in the Mist
Brumbies in the Outback
Brumbies in the Mountains

We also offer a great price for a full series purchase!

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Special Offer: Discount for purchasing entire Brumbies Series set

With the release of the fifth and final volume of Paula Boer’s Brumbies Series, IFWG is offering a great price for purchasing all five in ebook or print formats. Click here (or the image) and take advantage of these excellent savings offers, for wonderful children’s horse stories, lavishly illustrated by Rowena Evans.

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Giveaway: Brumbies by Paula Boer

IFWG Publishing is giving away the ebook title, Brumbies, by Paula Boer, in celebration of the release of the new and final instalment of the 5 part series, Brumbies in the Mountains (the ebook is out now, the print title is out in the new year).

We figure that you will like Brumbies enough to consider purchasing the entire series.

The giveaway offer runs from 1 to 5 January 2015, based on US time zones.

3D 5 Brumbies books 002


When city girl Louise moves to the country, she discovers the mountain brumbies are to be killed for pet food. She and Ben, a local farm boy, determine to save as many of the wild horses as they can. Despite opposition, they arrange a muster, but nothing goes according to plan.

Following in the hoof-prints of “The Silver Brumby” and “The Man from Snowy River”, this horse-packed adventure encounters challenges through some of the toughest territory in Australia.

The book is richly illustrated by artist and writer, Rowena Evans.

News: Brumbies in the Outback Launch

Paula Boer, author of the Brumbies series, was part of the official launch of the fourth instalment of her five part series, Brumbies in the Outback.

Saturday 7th June 2014. Paula Boer gave a brief talk of the three years she and her husband Pete worked in cattle stations which inspired Brumbies in the Outback. Snowprint Bookshop in Jindabyne NSW ran a photo competition to launch the book. The winners were: Wild horse category – winner Peter Bartrip; Highly Commended – Bob Lawton and Ruth Donovan; Domestic horse category – Sally Weston.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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New Chap eBook Title: Of Emus and Seahorses

Very happy to announce the release of a collection of flash fiction and short stories, in chap ebook format, Of Emus and Seahorses, by Paula Boer.

Of Emus and Seahorses cover

An emu struggles to raise his offspring and a seahorse dances with his mate before nurturing her eggs inside his pouch, two examples of males that carry the responsibility for caring for their young. From a crocodile dealing with the extremes of drought and flood, a humpback whale migrating thousands of kilometres with her calf, to a whirligig beetle escaping predatory fish, this collection of short stories provides insight to some of the challenges faced by Australia’s fascinating animals.

Paula Boer’s stories take the view of iconic Australian fauna, wrapped in scientific fact.

For only US$0.99, this short work will delight and edify you. Of Emus and Seahorses will soon be available in all good online stores, but can be bought now through the IFWG Publishing eBook Store.