News: IFWG Publishing at Melbourne Supanova

IFWG Publishing shared a booth with Cohesion Press at Supanova Melbourne 2015 (11-12 April). It was a successful enterprise with the team selling out the hardcover edition of the newly released Peripheral Visions: The Collected Ghost Stories by Robert Hood. Robert was there for signings at what was, effectively, the Melbourne release of his collection. Gerry Huntman (Managing Director, IFWG Publishing) and Stephen McCracken (Marketing Director) were on hand, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting readers and writers.

Cohesion Press’ Geoff Brown (Managing Director) and his daughter Leah provided great company, as well as the visit of their authors for signings: Deborah Sheldon and Kaaren Warren.

All in all, a successful, enjoyable weekend.

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Plug: Ghost Stories site delves deeper into Robert Hood’s Peripheral Visions

Peripheral Visions, the upcoming collected ghost stories of Robert Hood, is getting a life of its own. What with the amazing art of Nick Stathopoulos gracing the covers, and the hardcover internal layout, as well as the consistent aesthetics wrapped around it. It deserves to be IFWG’s first title in its prestigious Dark Phases series.

We would recommend you to visit Robert’s site, where there is more artwork, and where there will be articles and other goodies fast tracking in coming weeks. Just click this photo of Robert and Nick and…a visitor…

Nick and Rob and uninvited guest - photo by Cat Sparks, artwork by Nick Stathopoulos

Nick and Rob and uninvited guest – photo by Cat Sparks, artwork by Nick Stathopoulos

Appointment of Marketing Director

It is with pleasure that I announce the appointment of Stephen McCracken as IFWG Publishing’s Marketing Director.

He will take up his role in October/November 2014, however, he will be having an extended vacation in Canada/US/and possibly beyond in August/September, and is hoping to visit some of our authors on his journey.

He is based in Australia (soon, Melbourne, Victoria), and will also have an opportunity to meet the authors in this region of the globe.

IFWG Publishing has been in dire need of a marketer/publicist for its North American/International/Australian/UK operations, as well as SQ Mag, for a long time, and this appointment represents yet another tangible sign of our growth and maturity.

An early welcome to Steve! More details about him will appear in coming months.

Gerry Huntman
Managing Director,
IFWG Publishing/IFWG Publishing Australia
Publisher, SQ Mag