The Grief Hole: Special Limited Edition Offer


Kaaron Warren’s masterpiece novel, The Grief Hole, will be released on 27th August 2016 in hardcover format, followed by the trade paperback a month later. Notably, IFWG Publishing Australia will produce 100 limited edition copies, signed by Kaaron Warren and Keely Van Order.

The cover and internal artwork is created by the very talented, Canberra-based artist, Keely Van Order.

Read the amazing review of The Grief Hole by Ginger Nuts of Horror.

You can now purchase this signed, limited edition through our pre-release order system, below.


Kaaron Warren

From “White Bed”, her first published story, which appeared in a feminist horror anthology in 1993, Kaaron Warren has produced powerful, disturbing fiction.

With four novels and six short story collections in print, and close to two hundred short fiction sales, Warren’s award-winning fiction tackles the themes of obsession, murder, grief, despair, revenge, manipulation, death and sex.

Kaaron has won many awards such as the Shirley Jackson, Aurealis, Ditmar, Australian Shadows and ACT Writers and Publishers Awards for her novels and short fiction, including Slights, The Grinding House, Through Splintered Walls and the novella “Sky”. She’s lived in Melbourne, Sydney and Fiji and now in Canberra with her family.

The Grief House, published by IFWG Publishing Australia, is, using Kaaron’s own words, “my best yet”, and going by commentators in the industry, this is the case. IFWG Publishing chose to include her novel as part of their masterpiece series, Dark Phases.

The offer:

  • Limited to 100 copies.
  • Hardcover Book: 6.00″ x 9.00″ (156mm x 234mm), cream paper, plain cloth binding with spine imprint, and matte cover sleeve.
  • Six internal illustrations by Keely Van Order, including a frontispiece.
  • Each book will have a signature page (also illustrated/designed by Keely Van Order), signed by Kaaron Warren and Keely, and numbered from 1 to 100. The sequence number provided will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, although some numbers are reserved for purchasers of the first Dark Phases limited edition. There will never be any other signed limited editions produced for sale, beyond this 100.
  • This limited edition is the second of the elite, Dark Phases title series, and this allows those who pre-order Peripheral Visions the option of obtaining the limited, signed editions of future Dark Phases titles, with the same sequence number.
  • Each purchaser will also receive a small, hand-crafted gift by Kaaron Warren.
  • Special optional offer: IFWG was so impressed with the significant number of quality illustrations that formed the ‘mood work’ and options leading to the final product that they have decided to print for a limited time a hardcover ‘coffee table’ portfolio book, of approximately 75 pages of high bond colour pages. This book will contain all the illustrations Keely Van Order created, with notes on her journey to the Grief Hole, as well as excerpts from Kaaron Warren’s novel. This will be a very special work, worthy to accompany the Limited Edition The Grief Hole. This work will be released at the end of 2016 and will immediately be shipped to those who choose to take up this option, at a discount.

Orders (click links):

For Australian shipping addresses, the price for limited edition The Grief Hole only, is AU$59.95 (including shipping from September 2016).

For Australian shipping addresses, the price for the limited edition The Grief Hole plus the complementary art portfolio, is AU$98.95 (including shipping from September 2016 – and the portfolio from December 2016)

For Other countries shipping addresses, the price for the limited edition The Grief Hole, is US$69.95 (including shipping from September 2016).

For Other countries shipping addresses, the price for the limited edition The Grief Hole plus the complementary art portfolio, is US$99.95 (including shipping from September 2016 – and the portfolio from December 2016)

The limited edition The Grief Hole will only be available until 100 numbered copies are sold. In September 2016 all orders up to that month will be shipped, and further shipments will be made every two months until the 100 copies are sold. Keely Van Order’s portfolio will be shipped from December 2016 separately, and after that date, will be ordered immediately following the option being purchased.

All transactions will be processed through PayPal. Click the option above.

  1. Ensure your shipping information will be current for September 2016.
  2. You will receive an acknowledgement, with sequence number, by email, in addition to a PayPal receipt.
  3. If you want a particular number, mention it/them in the notes section of the PayPal order – noting that if they are not available, you will get the next available, starting from 1.

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Update: Peripheral Visions Limited Edition


We have just mailed out ‘Wave 2’ of the Limited Edition of Robert Hood’s Peripheral Visions: The Collected Ghost Stories.

Wave 3 will be starting soon, but we still have 14 copies left that can be mailed virtually immediately – so if you are interested in buying a copy, there’s no better opportunity than now!

Remember, what you get are:

  1. A Cloth Bound version of Peripheral Visions: The Collected Ghost Stories, containing 8 magnificent illustrations by Nick Stathopoulos, including a signature page, autographed by Robert Hood and Nick.
  2. This is a limited edition – only 200 will ever be produced. The signature page will be sequence-numbered.
  3. A chap-ebook will be emailed to you, containing 6 hard-to-get zombie stories by Robert, titled Haunted Flesh: Stories of the Living Dead.
  4. Along with Peripheral Visions, you will also get a bonus, signed paperback, Backstreets, a 309 page novel by Robert Hood.

All you have to do is click here, and it can be yours! (Non-Australian residents can purchase it by clicking here).



Update: Peripheral Visions Limited Edition

We have the signature pages at the printers, which will soon be sent to Robert Hood and Nick Stathopoulos for their signatures. We have ordered the first wave of limited edition cloth bound books, ready for the inserts at the bindery. While running a little late, we are getting there, and with a bit of luck we will be sending the Limited Edition books in a few weeks. It’s worth the wait. We will give you updates closer to the time.

Along with special bonus elements, we have also drawn the winning limited edition purchaser, who will be receiving the very special signed copies of the Shades quadrilogy. Congratulations to Michelle Goldsmith! You will receive your books in the same package with Peripheral Visions and Backstreets.

After we send the first wave of pre-ordered book packs (including emailing the bonus ebook), we will keep this offer going until we have sold 200 copies. We will soon determine the second wave of mail outs.