News: Kings of Under-Castle Official Launch

It is with great pleasure to share with you photographs from Michael B Fletcher’s official launch of his recently published collection of short stories, Kings of Under-Castle. It was held at 6pm, 6 December 2013, Petrarch’s Bookstore in Launceston, Michael’s home town, and there was a strong turnout. Cameron Hindrum, a noted Tasmanian author and local, was kind enough to attend, conduct an interview with Michael, and provide a spirited reading of an excerpt of one of the stories in the collection, The Pearl. Michael followed with his own reading. There was much laughter from those who attended, at the humour inherent in Michael’s stories.

We applaud Michael’s efforts at his home city, and particularly since he is still recovering from a major operation. We look forward to further launches in state cities to come.

The book stand

Michael in preparation for the launch, at Petrarch’s Bookshop, Launceston, Tasmania

great turnout

Attendees at the launch

a reader coming in character

Some attendees arriving in character (!)

with cameron hindrum

Michael B Fletcher being interviewed by Cameron Hindrum

Cameron Hindrum reading a story

Cameron Hindrum reading from Michael’s story, The Pearl – to much acclaim

Michael B Fletcher reading

Michael reading from his collection

book signing

Michael signing books

Congratulations to Michael, and we hope that locals who missed the launch can turn up at Petrarch’s. We believe the bookshop still has some signed copied for sale.

Those of you who couldn’t attend due to the tyranny of distance, can visit his title page, which includes links to where the title can be purchased.

News: Book Launch Kings of Under-Castle

The tyranny of distance has meant that IFWG can’t attend Michael B Fletcher’s official book launch of Kings of Under-Castle, but we will be there in spirit. We ask any of you who read this posting who live near Launceston, Tasmania, or know of anyone who does, to encourage attendance. It promises to be a great event, with nibbles, book signing, and guest speaker Cameron Hindrum. We believe a radio interview or two are slotted as well. Well done, Michael!

Kings of under-castle Launch

New Title: Kings of Under-Castle by Michael B Fletcher

Our inaugural title, Kings of Under-Castle by Michael B Fletcher is now published! More information on the formal release date, give-aways, etc, will be forthcoming. In the meantime, enjoy the cover (by John Hughes) and the blurb.

Undercastle front cover

Kings of Under-Castle is an anthology of short stories featuring two rogues, Pickel and Weasle, who live in the drains beneath the King’s castle.

Pickel and Weasle encounter the officious Courtier Bland, the macabre Surgeon Strichnin, the Keeper of the Royal Bloodhounds, and the deadly Hanging Judge. They meet up with the King and Queen, the lovely Helena von Gosporin, the cheery jailer, Drossum, all the while being supported/hindered by two cheeky urchins, Joe and Ferd.

Pickel and Weasle are quick to purloin valuables to make their life in the dark tunnels more comfortable, nor are they fussy about what they eat, as long as it’s meat. Their hilarious adventures get them into many sticky situations which test their ingenuity and they usually, but not always, end up on top.