New Release: The Adventures of Ursus the Bear

IFWG Publishing Australia is extremely proud to announce the release of the young children’s storybook, The Adventures of Ursus the Bear, written by British author, Jack Eason, and lavishly colour illustrated by New Zealand artist, Frances Hutt.

Ursus Front Cover

This is one of our longest projects, having commenced in 2012. The number of illustrations (filling 59 pages), and the disruption of a severe earthquake in New Zealand, among other things, made this a long journey. But it was worth the wait. This storybook has six wonderful stories intended for young readers and for parents to read to their very young children. Each story follows the adventures of the young cub, Ursus, and completes with a lesson that both Ursus, and young readers, will learn.

Ursus the Honey Bear is a special bear cub: he was born with silver-coloured fur. This makes him special in the bear community but it did cause some fuss at first. None of this concerns Ursus, as he is a playful bear and would rather spend all his waking hours exploring the world around him, and making new friends. Like all bear cubs, he loves adventure.

While written for a British audience, children from all over the world will be delighted by this storybook. It will soon be available in all good online print book stores, and can be purchased now through our print store.