Preorder Offer: Turning of the Seasons by J.S. Breukelaar & Seb Doubinsky

IFWG is very excited to release J.S. Breukelaar and Seb Doubinsky’s title, Turning of the Seasons in early November. We want to share the love and an excellent way to do this is to offer facilities for preorders – at competitive rates (equal to, or better than retail price, with free shipping). The offer begins now, and will cease 15 October 2022.

Click the following link to preorder the title from anywhere in the world*:

Turning of the Seasons: A Dark Almanac including shipping AU$20.95

Seasons have always been connected with the passing of time and the changes of life, inspiring myths, folklore, poems and songs. In this short collection award-winning J.S. Breukelaar and Seb Doubinsky have decided to pay tribute to the old tradition of yearly almanacs, which contained short pieces of lore and traditions. Keeping with the short format, they have renewed the genre by infusing it with a modern-day setting, pushing the boundaries of the folk-horror uncanny into the borders of our cities. A succession of disturbing stories and vignettes, sometimes poetic, sometimes funny, but always gruesome, The Turning Of The Seasons will surely be an almanac you will never forget.

(*) Some more obscure geographies might be problematic – in these situations we will provide full refunds. Most shipping will be from the UK.

New Release: Almost Human: A Collection of Short Stories by Nathan Burrage

IFWG Publishing is pleased to announce the Australian and UK release of Nathan Burrage’s horror collection of short fiction, Almost Human. Cover art is by the talented Greg Chapman. The North American release will occur in early November 2022.

In this collection, you’ll encounter stories set in the near future where neuroscience and technology are used to rehabilitate convicted criminals with unexpected results. In the icy winter of a distant Transylvania, a struggle for freedom from Ottoman oppression unfolds. In the present, one man struggles to accept his failed marriage. A pair of cursed lovers live out multiple incarnations, doomed to always find one another, yet never be together. And when a mythical figure walks amongst us, his notes in the margins of history take shape.

The past, present and future blur when we consider what it is to be Almost Human.

This title is now available through all good bricks and mortar stores, as well as Kindle, throughout the world except North America (when, in November 2022, it will also be released through IFWG Publishing International).

Cover Reveal: The Christmas Maze by Danny Fahey

IFWG is very happy to reveal the cover of Danny Fahey’s upcoming middle grade fantasy title, The Christmas Maze. The artwork and design is by Greg Chapman, who has perfectly captured the atmosphere of the novel – and kudos for creating a cover completely out of his normal range of styles.

More information about the title will be forthcoming soon – The Christmas Maze will be released on 30th November 2022, worldwide.

New Release: The Harbinger of Death by Paula Boer

IFWG Publishing is pleased to announce the Australian and UK release of Paula Boer’s third and last instalment in her YA fantasy Equinora Chronicles, The Harbinger of Death. The cover art is by the amazing Steve Santiago. The North American release will occur in late August 2022.

When rotfrogs poison the wetlands in Westlands, Prism, the youngest unicorn, is sent by Aureana, Equinora’s goddess, to overcome the invasion. But despite her golden wings, Prism is unable to fly due to her fear of heights. She makes the long treacherous journey across the mountains on foot, accompanied by Delsin, a spirit man and Rocky, a mortal horse. Prism falls in love with Rocky, but is tormented due to her desire for an immortal soulmate.

By the time they arrive in Westlands, a blight has spread to all living things. When Prism confronts her grandsire, the guardian of the territory, a battle ensues between the older and younger generations of unicorns, causing devastating fire and floods. Prism must warn all the people and animals of the land to seek safety, at the same time as finding a cure for the plague. However, unless she can master her fear, she won’t be able to save the whole of Equinora from becoming a desolate wasteland.

New Release: Dracula Unfanged (editor: Christopher Sequeira)

IFWG Publishing is very proud to announce the Australian and UK release of a new ‘Imagine That’ Horror Anthology: Dracula Unfanged, edited by senior editor Christopher Sequeira. The cover art is by the amazing, Oscar winning artist, Dave Elsey.

Editor Sequeira and Dave Elsey go way back, as they created an acclaimed graphic novel series DARK DETECTIVE SHERLOCK HOLMES – an authentic Hammer-esque take on the great detective, with artist friend Philip Cornell some years ago.

Special mention should be given to Catherine Archer-Wills, who is Dracula Unfanged‘s cover designer.

The theme of this anthology is unique and thought-provoking: what if Dracula is still an evil danger to humanity, but he isn’t a vampire?

If you like horror, Dracula, or multiverse stories, you can’t go wrong with this volume!

Dracula Unfanged‘s TOC:

Introduction (Leslie S. Klinger)
Prologue: Still Waters (Christopher Sequeira)
The Sea Ghost (Nancy Holder)
The Lost Warlord (Leverett Butts & Dacre Stoker)
Drawing In (Ramsey Campbell)
The Artist Formerly Known as Vlad (Jim Krueger)
Jonathan Harker: Witch Hunter (Brad Mengel)
Hothouse Crush (Lee Murray)
The Legend Of Dracula Reconsidered As A Prime-Time TV Special (Christopher Fowler)
Children of the Dragon (Jason Franks)
Worlds of Wonder (Ron Fortier)
Vlad the Imp (J. Scherpenhuizen)
Draculhu (Will Murray)
The Angel of Death (Andrew Salmon)
The Mysterious Affair at Slaine (Jacqueline Sequeira & Philip Cornell)
Pied (Julie Ditrich)
War Against the Mafia (Alan Philipson)
The House of Dracula (I.A. Watson)

Dracula Unfanged will be released in North America in August.

Preorder Offer: Cut to Care: A Collection of Little Hurts by Aaron Dries


Cut to Care: A Collection of Little Hurts will be released in Australian, New Zealand and UK on the 9th May 2022 (North America to be confirmed, probably June 2022). To celebrate this upcoming dark fiction collection by Aaron Dries, we are very happy to make the following preorder offer:

For AU$25.00 we send you a trade paperback of Cut to Care, including freight. It will ship from the UK and you will receive it on, or just after 9 May 2022 (shipping is still not as predictable as we like it). This offer is for all addresses in Australia, UK, New Zealand, USA and Canada. US and Canadian readers will have the benefit of receiving the book at least a month before release.

An agency that sends social workers into the homes of grieving families to impersonate dead loved ones…

The kind old woman who saved a teenager’s life but now finds herself haunted by the weight of a cheated suicide…

And the daughter of a candlestick maker as she tries to survive a painful existence after her father’s execution for making human chandeliers of drunken cowboys…

These stories and more—ranging from supernatural to the frighteningly domestic, Splatterpunk to the weird and cosmic—stain the pages of Cut to Care. They serve as a timely reminder of the cost of caring too much. Or not caring enough. Of how we mask cruelties behind kindness. And of our willingness to rip ourselves apart in the hope of satisfying a world that doesn’t always care for you back.

Featuring an exclusive introduction by Mick Garris, creator of MASTERS OF HORROR and director of Stephen King’s THE STAND, this unforgettable collection truly cuts deep.

This offer will end 20 April 2022.