New Release: The Carbonite’s Daughter by Deryn Pittar

IFWG are very pleased to announce the release of New Zealand author, Deryn Pittar’s young adult dystopian novel, The Carbonite’s Daughter. We are also over the moon with the wonderful artwork by Anthony Christou, and the cover design by Greg Chapman.

Deryn and her novel has a very close tie to IFWG, as, for a number of years, we ran an online ezine of short fiction, SQ Mag, and each year we ran a short fiction contest called ‘Story Quest’. Pittar won the 2014 contest with her wonderful short piece, ‘The Carbonite’s Daughter’. Unbeknownst to us, Pittar had clearly been inspired by her story – and its reception – and wrote this young adult novel.

IFWG acquired the rights to publish The Carbonite’s Daughter on the strength of the novel, not the source of Pittar’s inspiration. The story has many fresh elements to it, including its setting in New Zealand, and the science fiction/post apocalyptic/dystopian themes. The female protagonist is strong and believable, and the subject matter is raw and introspective on society today.

To lead or to breed? Calista has this choice, but before she can make a decision she needs to leave the protection of the tunnels and chance her life outside, where radiation kills and people wither – so she is told. Who can she believe – her father or the MICs (Men In Charge)?

Fear battles with her desire for adventure, and if she stays another insemination looms.

Set in dystopian New Zealand, post a Nuclear Dawn, this is a story of growth and discovery and the realisation that things aren’t always as they seem.

The Carbonite’s Daughter is available in ebook and print formats from all quality online and bricks and mortar stores.

Cover Reveal: The Carbonite’s Daughter by Deryn Pittar

IFWG is very happy with the cover of The Carbonite’s Daughter, the YA Post Apocalyptic novel by New Zealand author Deryn Pittar. This novel is based on a short story (by the same name) that won the Story Quest Contest in 2014. Artwork is by the very talented Anthony Christou, and font work and design by Greg Chapman.

We will reveal more about this title in coming weeks.

The Carbonite’s Daughter will be released world wide on 7 February 2022, and preorders will be available in December 2021.

Book Deal: The Carbonite’s Daughter by Deryn Pittar

IFWG is very happy to announce the acquisition to the rights of New Zealand author, Deryn Pittar’s science fiction/post-apocalyptic novel, The Carbonite’s Daughter. “IFWG had the pleasure of publishing a short story version of the story by Pittar in SQ Mag some years ago,” said Gerry Huntman, Managing Director of IFWG, “and yes, there is certainly precedent for expanded stories to end up magnificent works, and achieving success. We believe The Carbonite’s Daughter is one such work. We are over the moon.”

IFWG has had a long standing relationship with the New Zealand speculative fiction writing community, and this work will add to this strong set of partnerships. Notwithstanding these trying times, IFWG believes that this work will be released in Q4 of 2021.

Deryn Pittar has published Sci-Fi., fantasy, futuristic and contemporary romance, loves writing short and flash fiction, and is an occasional poet. She belongs to SpecFicNZ, and the Romance Writers of N.Z. She reads and critiques for fellow authors and listens to their advice in return.

In 2020 she gained fourth equal with her sestina ‘Australia’ in the Frank DiBase International Poetry contest.

Her dragon novel Lutapolii – White Dragon of the South is a prize-winning fantasy, winning a Sir Julius Vogel Award at Geysercon in 2019 for Best Young Adult published in 2018. She also won the short fiction contest at Geysercon with ‘Hendrik’s Pet’.

In 2016 she won a Steam Punk fiction prize with her short story ‘The Carbonite’s Daughter’, which became the inspiration for her novel of the same name.

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This is a novel of life in New Zealand when scattered populations in the Southern Hemisphere have survived world-wide destruction from a nuclear war. A collection of small communities survive in a maze of tunnels within the Southern Alps. They are connected by a railway which runs between Queenstown and Wanaka in the south, to Arthur’s Pass in the north. The southern towns under the Dome provide interludes of sunshine and natural living for those in the tunnels who have earned it.


Being the daughter of a Carbonite isn’t easy. Calista is a breeder and to continue to enjoy her status she has to play her part: a third insemination looms. She doesn’t want another child and life is boring.

Then her father returns, not at all dead as assumed by the authorities. He wants her to join him outside, to see the world and learn to live.

She has a choice. Her father says:  ‘to lead or to breed’.

Her journey into the unknown begins. Fear, created by the lies she’d been fed, feels overwhelming and confusing, but slowly she acquires new skills, grows braver – and then begins to make her own decisions; some good, some not so good. But the Mic’s (Men In Charge) are not happy that she has left and send scouts to find her and bring her back to the tunnels.

Who wins in this battle over what is right and what is wrong with the world? And who cares what Calista thinks?