Print Preorders: The Grief Hole by Kaaron Warren



Kaaron Warren’s masterpiece of dark fantasy and horror, The Grief Hole, will be released and launched on 27 August 2016 (Australian Eastern Standard Time). IFWG Publishing Australia had offered preorders for both the Trade Paperback and Cloth Bound versions.

Trade Paperback offer has expired wef 20 September 2016 Australian Eastern Standard Time. Orders can be made from release day – 27th September 2016 Australian Eastern Standard Time.The Cloth Bound offer has expired wef COB 20th August 2016 Australian Eastern Standard Time. Orders can be made from 27th August 2016 Australian Eastern Standard Time.

There are many grief holes.

There’s the grief hole you fall into when a loved one dies.

There’s another grief hole in all of us; small or large, it determines how much we want to live.

And there are the places, the physical grief holes, which attract suicides to their centre.

Sol Evictus, a powerful, charismatic singer, sends a young artist into The Grief Hole to capture the faces of the teenagers dying there. When she inevitably dies herself, her cousin Theresa resolves to stop this man so many love.

Theresa sees ghosts; she knows how you’ll die by the spirits haunting you. If you’ll drown, she’ll see drowned people. Most often she sees battered women, because she works to find emergency housing for abused women.

She sees no ghosts around Sol Evictus but she doesn’t let that stop her. Her passion to help, to be a saint, drives her to find a way to destroy him.

 “It takes a writer of Kaaron Warren’s talent and imagination to unflinchingly convey the horrors of the real world. The Grief Hole is one of the most effective and affecting ghost stories I’ve ever read.”

– Jeffrey Ford, multiple international award-winning fantasy author

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News: What Has Been Said of Kaaron Warren’s Upcoming Novel, The Grief Hole

IFWG Publishing Australia has attracted interest far and wide for Kaaron Warren’s upcoming novel, The Grief Hole. A select number of well known writers have had the opportunity to read it, and the following are some of their statements.

Gary McMahon Photo

“The Grief Hole is a tour-de-force of personal despair and abject horror. Restrained yet horrific, and brushing up against the kind of themes polite society rarely wants to discuss. But at its heart there is a small, bright spark of hope.”

– Gary McMahon, award winning novelist and short fiction writer in horror


“The Grief Hole, like all Kaaron Warren’s horror fiction, has a particular nightmare flavour. On one level it’s a pure, anguished howl against the exploitation and abuse of the powerless. On another it’s like The Slap with added bamboo under the fingernails. Ghosts weep and grotesques loom against a cruelly barren, detritus-littered suburban background. You wouldn’t trust half these characters as far as you could throw them, and the other half you wouldn’t want to be. But beneath their machinations runs a continuous trickle of laughter so faint it might be pity, it might be inky tears. You can’t help but follow them, full of dread, into the darkness.”

– Margo Lanagan, best selling author and prize winner in speculative fiction

melinda smith

“The Grief Hole is a gripping journey to a very dark place indeed. Psychologically devastating, resonant with references to art and mythology, tightly plotted and with a climax that will haunt you for a long, long time, this is Warren at her finest. Few people have thought so subtly about the true nature of despair and the precise contours of evil. An unforgettable read.”

– Melinda Smith, Prime Minister’s Prize for Poetry Award Winner

Paul Tremblay

“Kaaron Warren’s THE GRIEF HOLE is a powerhouse of a novel; creepy, disturbing, and genuinely moving. Theresa’s interventions and, of course, the devastating aftermaths will haunt you long after you finish this book.”

– Paul Tremblay, author of A Head Full of Ghosts and Disappearance at Devil’s Rock


“It takes a writer of Kaaron Warren’s talent and imagination to unflinchingly convey the horrors of the real world. The Grief Hole is one of the most effective and affecting ghost stories I’ve ever read.”

– Jeffrey Ford, multiple international award-winning fantasy author

The Grief Hole will be released on the 27th August 2016.




News: Refined Cover for Kaaron Warren’s The Grief Hole

With the advantage of time and the wonderful skills of artist and designer, Keely Van Order, we have refined the cover design for Kaaron Warren’s upcoming Dark Phases title, ‘The Grief Hole’. We have also received our first blurbs from a prominent writer, with praise that gobsmacked us all in IFWG Publishing Australia.


The Grief Hole is dark exploration of grief, manipulation, malevolent ghosts, a monstrous, charismatic man and the woman who needs to venture deep into a place called The Grief Hole in order to stop him.

News: Art Book Signing With Keely Van Order

Sometimes collaborations are formed serendipitously, rather than by solicitation and design. This is such a case.

Keely is currently commissioned to do the artwork and design for Kaaron Warren’s The Grief Hole, to be released in August 2016 – no small task as it involves 6 internal pieces and two covers (hardback and paperback). When Kaaron and the IFWG team saw the early pieces, many ‘rough’ and ‘optional’ as well as mood board illustrations, we starting thinking: we have many pages of wow art here, most of which will have little exposure to those interested in Kaaron’s novel.

It didn’t take long for IFWG Publishing Australia to approach Keely (and Kaaron) to separately publish an art folio title, largely showcasing the art that contributed to The Grief Hole (and some), but also including notes by the artist, and a format that shows the way some of the final pieces came to be. Additionally, it will be presented with excerpts from The Grief Hole, to add a high level graphic representation of the novel.

We are excited to announce that Keely Van Order has signed on with IFWG Publishing Australia to have this work produced (title still being determined), with a huge nod to Kaaron for allowing her novel to be depicted in a unique manner (and to access excerpts), as well as the highly respected artist, Nick Stathopoulos, who will provide the introduction.

We are still determining a manageable schedule for this project, but we will certainly be offering preorder signed editions to those who preorder the signed editions of The Grief Hole. Ideally, we would love to have the book available at the same time as Kaaron’s launch.

We will provide more information on this exciting, unique project through our social media outlets and this web site.

News: Acquisition of ‘Perfect Little Stitches and Other Stories’ by Deborah Sheldon

IFWG Publishing Australis is very pleased to sign on Deborah Sheldon’s collection of dark fiction, ‘Perfect Little Stitches and Other Stories’. A good number of these stories have already graced the pages of quality publications, including Midnight Echo, Aurealis Magazine, SQ Mag, and Allegory Magazine. Quite a few of the stories will be original to this collection.

Deborah Sheldon

Deborah Sheldon is a professional writer from Melbourne, Australia. Her short fiction has appeared in many well-regarded journals such as SQ Mag, Midnight Echo, Aurealis, Quadrant, and Island. Her work can also be found in various anthologies, the most recent being ‘Lighthouses’ (Black Beacon Books, 2015) and ‘100 Lightnings’ (Paroxysm Press, 2016). The titular story of her upcoming collection with IFWG Publishing Australia, ‘Perfect Little Stitches’, is nominated for an Australian Shadows Award. Deb’s latest releases include the crime-noir novella, ‘Dark Waters’, and her collection, ‘Mayhem: selected stories’. Later in 2016, Cohesion Press will publish her bio-horror novel, ‘Devil Dragon’, while Satalyte Publishing will release her contemporary crime novel, ‘Garland Cove Heist’. Other credits include television scripts such as ‘Neighbours’, magazine feature articles, stage plays, non-fiction books (Reed Books, Random House), and award-winning medical writing. Visit Deb at

We welcome Deborah to this collaboration and are excited to publish the collection late in 2016 or early 2017.