Sneek Peek: Cover and TOC reveal of Star Quake 2

Over here in IFWG Publishing Australia, we are excited about the imminent release of Star Quake 2, our second annual ‘best of SQ Mag’ anthology.

A particular highlight is the cover. Our practice – and now it is a tradition – is to pick one of the best suited SQ Mag covers of the same year that covers fiction, and turn it into the anthology cover – makes sense, because it is also a ‘best of’, so to speak, and it is great to also publish in print at least one of the fantastic designs/artwork we commission. Last year Jeffery Doherty created a memorably spooky cover and it was chosen for the 2012 Star Quake edition, and this year we have chosen Steve G Santiago’s colourful, evocative depiction of a kick-ass female – in spirit with the 2013 May edition that was devoted to women in speculative fiction.

The field of stories we had to choose from were challenging, as so many stories were good. Sophie Yorkston, Editor in Chief of SQ Mag, and appropriately editor of Star Quake 2, worked long and hard to come up with the final 16 stories. It is no coincidence that the feature stories of the Women in Speculative Fiction edition were chosen for inclusion, due to their excellence, and by proxy they also deserve their feature status on the cover of the anthology.

Without further ado, here is the cover and the TOC:

SQ-BEST-FullSpread SQ-BEST-Cover

Table of Contents

A Man and His Parasite by Cat Rambo
Fairest Fowl by J.B. Rockwell
Born Again by Nu Yang
Chinaman’s Bluff by Cat Sparks
Flagman by Jim Lee
Shoe Shine by Robert Datson
Surface Stars by Hanson Hovell Holladay
Intangible by A.A. Garrison
The Visiphorical Art by Michelle Ann King
Digging in the Deep by Tonia Brown
Digital Reflections by Kevin Rainak
Cattails by A.P. Sessler
Strike Day by Marie DesJardin
Tea in the Secret Garden by Emma Newman
Faye’s Diner by J.T. Seate
The Poet and the Lily by Julia August
Endangered Species X by Guy Prevost

News: Cover Reveal for Children’s Novel, Sealskin Coast

We are very happy to reveal the cover of the upcoming novel, Sealskin Coast, by author and illustrator, Rowena Evans. The is a wonderfully illustrated work, which will entertain readers from 10 to 100. Stay tuned for more information – this novel will be published within a week.

Rowena supplied the artwork, influenced by art deco style, and the cover design (consistently art deco), with the great antique look, was provided by Geoff Brown of Cohesion and Editing and Proofreading.

Sealskin Coast Front Cover

Sealskin Coast Full Cover


Wallace Emmet Keyes has so many problems he doesn’t know which way to turn. Everyone at the new school makes fun of him. His cousin can’t stand him. For the last month he’s lived with Aunty Jay, Raa and Raiona in a tiny flat in the city instead of at home with his parents. But these are distractions from the big problem: both his mother and father have run away from home.

Becoming tough might fix some of that – but it’s not until Wallace meets the mysterious Zillah that things change. Why does she know all about him? Why has he never met her before? Why does she want him live up to all his names, and strangest of all, why does Zillah trick Wallace into falling into the harbour near her odd house?

Zillah introduces Wallace to an unknown side of his family and to a fabulous, hidden ability that matches all his dreams. Soon Wallace and his newly found cousin Eartha embark on a desperate adventure to find his parents – and answer Wallace’s questions.