Cover Reveal: Following the Braid by Cary J Lenehan

IFWG Publishing is very pleased to reveal the cover for Cary J Lenehan’s sixth instalment in his epic 8-part fantasy Warriors of Vhast series, Following the Braid. Artwork and design by UK-based Catherine Archer-Wills – we think this is one of her best.

“Again we have chosen a non-combative scene for the cover,” said Gerry Huntman, Managing Director of IFWG, “as Lenehan’s work is a triumph of world-building and this, like book 5’s cover, adds richness to the presentation of his narrative tableaux. The quality of Archer-Wills’ work is outstanding as usual.”

Here is the artwork for the full wrap – we are impressed!

artwork by Catherine Archer-Wills

Following the Braid will be published world-wide on the 2nd May 2022.

COVER REVEAL: DRACULA UNFANGED gets cover by the 2020 BBC DRACULA’s, and THE WOLFMAN’s 2011 Oscar-winning Make-Up Artist, Dave Elsey!

IFWG Publishing unveils its cover for a new ‘Imagine That’ Horror Anthology: DRACULA UNFANGED, by cover artist, Oscar winner Dave Elsey! Elsey shared Best Make-Up with industry legend, his pal, Rick Baker, on THE WOLFMAN, in 2011, and Elsey has serious Dracula cred with his amazing make-up and creature shop work (with wife, Lou) on the 2020 Gatiss-Moffat (SHERLOCK) re-invention of DRACULA.

Elsey provides a truly beautifully horrifying image of the immortal Count for a new anthology bristling with macabre fiction literary legends and Draculeana experts, in a collection based on a parallel universe concept by Christopher Sequeira (who devised SHERLOCK HOLMES AND DOCTOR WAS NOT for IFWG, and co-devised and edited, with Bryce Stevens and Steve Proposch, the four volume CTHULHU DEEP DOWN UNDER series and the sensational new release CAPED FEAR: SUPERHUMAN HORROR STORIES).

Editor Sequeira and Dave Elsey go way back, as they created an acclaimed graphic novel series DARK DETECTIVE SHERLOCK HOLMES – an authentic Hammer-esque take on the great detective, with artist friend Philip Cornell some years ago.

Special mention should be given to Catherine Archer-Wills, who is DRACULA UNFANGED’s cover designer.

This new book sees names like DACRE STOKER (great-nephew of BRAM STOKER) & LEVERETT BUTTS, RAMSEY CAMPBELL, NANCY HOLDER, JIM KRUEGER, CHRISTOPHER FOWLER, RON FORTIER, LEE MURRAY, WILL MURRAY, JASON FRANKS, and others, including – in a nice closing of a circle – PHILIP CORNELL teaming with JACQUELINE SEQUEIRA to write one particular tale in the volume that will please fans of Dracula, as much as it will those of classic detective fiction. The volume also includes black and white frontispiece and end piece art by occultist VICKY ADAMS and a foreword by ANNOTATED DRACULA author, LESLIE S. KLINGER.

If you like horror, Dracula, or multiverse stories, you can’t go wrong with this volume!

Cover Reveal: Cut to Care: A Collection of Little Hurts by Aaron Dries

IFWG is very pleased to reveal the cover of Aaron Dries’ upcoming horror collection, Cut to Care: A Collection of Little Hurts. The artwork and design is by the very skilled and talented Don Noble, from Rooster Republic Press.

An agency that sends social workers into the homes of grieving families to impersonate dead loved ones…

The kind old woman who saved a teenager’s life but now finds herself haunted by the weight of a cheated suicide…

And the daughter of a candlestick maker as she tries to survive a painful existence after her father’s execution for making human chandeliers of drunken cowboys…

These stories and more—ranging from supernatural to the frighteningly domestic, Splatterpunk to the weird and cosmic—stain the pages of Cut to Care. They serve as a timely reminder of the cost of caring too much. Or not caring enough. Of how we mask cruelties behind kindness. And of our willingness to rip ourselves apart in the hope of satisfying a world that doesn’t always care for you back.

Featuring an exclusive introduction by Mick Garris, creator of MASTERS OF HORROR and director of Stephen King’s THE STAND, this unforgettable collection truly cuts deep.

Cut to Care: A Collection of Little Hurts will be released world-wide on 9 May 2022.

Two-Cover Reveal: Walking the Tree and Morace’s Story by Kaaron Warren

IFWG is very pleased to reveal the covers of two companion titles by Kaaron Warren, which will be co-released worldwide on the 4th April 2022: Walking the Tree, a reissue of a classic Warren novel, and Morace’s Story, an original middle-grade title that recounts the same story as Walking the Tree, but through the eyes of a teenage protagonist. “The combination of releases,” said Gerry Huntman, “is absolutely unique, and we look forward to producing fiction that can enchant parents and children at the same time.”

Both covers are created by the amazing Greg Chapman.

We will reveal more about this title in coming weeks.

Cover Reveal: The Paradox War by Ian C Douglas

IFWG is extremely pleased to reveal the cover of The Paradox War, by Ian C. Douglas, the fifth and last book in his middle grade science fiction The Zeke Hailey Series. It’s been a long journey and we love the final cover by the very talented Catherine Archer-Wills, not only for its quality, but also how it rounds off the series so well, including choice of colour palette.

We will reveal more about this title in coming weeks.

The Paradox War will be released world wide in March 2022, and preorders will be available in January 2022.

Cover Reveals: Guardians of St Giles Middle Grade Series

Jeffery E Doherty’s middle grade Guardians of St Giles series began with the release of Olivia Stone and the Trouble with Trixies in January 2016, followed up by Olivia Stone and the Dread of the Dreamers. In 2022 we will release the third in the series, Olivia Stone and the Call of the Carnival. A wonderful book and any child from 10 up will just gobble down Olivia Stone’s adventures.

IFWG decided to commission new covers for the first two books, in order to create a better consistency for the series, and they have turned out wonderful. When Olivia Stone and the Call of the Carnival is released (early 2022), we will re-release the first two books with the new covers.

And here they are:

Doherty isn’t just a talented middle grade author – he is also the artist and designer of his own books. Well done and congratulations on his upcoming title, and new look back catalogue!