News: Cover Reveal for Children’s Novel, Sealskin Coast

We are very happy to reveal the cover of the upcoming novel, Sealskin Coast, by author and illustrator, Rowena Evans. The is a wonderfully illustrated work, which will entertain readers from 10 to 100. Stay tuned for more information – this novel will be published within a week.

Rowena supplied the artwork, influenced by art deco style, and the cover design (consistently art deco), with the great antique look, was provided by Geoff Brown of Cohesion and Editing and Proofreading.

Sealskin Coast Front Cover

Sealskin Coast Full Cover


Wallace Emmet Keyes has so many problems he doesn’t know which way to turn. Everyone at the new school makes fun of him. His cousin can’t stand him. For the last month he’s lived with Aunty Jay, Raa and Raiona in a tiny flat in the city instead of at home with his parents. But these are distractions from the big problem: both his mother and father have run away from home.

Becoming tough might fix some of that – but it’s not until Wallace meets the mysterious Zillah that things change. Why does she know all about him? Why has he never met her before? Why does she want him live up to all his names, and strangest of all, why does Zillah trick Wallace into falling into the harbour near her odd house?

Zillah introduces Wallace to an unknown side of his family and to a fabulous, hidden ability that matches all his dreams. Soon Wallace and his newly found cousin Eartha embark on a desperate adventure to find his parents – and answer Wallace’s questions.

News: SQ Mag Edition 11 Cover Revealed

We are so excited with the cover design for the 1 November 2013 edition of SQ Mag, we couldn’t help but leak it to you all. Steve Santiago is the artist, and he admitted it is one of his best. He also said that the live action model for his work is Miss Mosh, a talented and experienced model, noted for her flamboyant work in a recent Korn music clip.

just a reminder to those who don’t know, that SQ Mag is a free zine and comes out every two months. All our fiction is original. We also have running serials and book reviews.