Forthcoming Release & Preorder Offer: Children’s Fiction

cave front cover

It is with great pleasure that we announce the October release of Ali Foster‘s last book in her Ginomees Trilogy, The Cave at the End of the Universe. Ali is based in New Zealand and her Ginomees Trilogy has been received very well. How can you not love an adventure where the protagonists are rejected garden gnomes? This last adventure is cosmic indeed and children of all ages will adore it, including Ali’s sketches of the main characters.

“What happens when you roll a six? You have to roll again!”

After discovering his true identity and unlocking the secret of the Clonestone, Eamonn sets off with his clones to find the legendary Ginomehenge, a magical portal that takes them far across the universe to Planet Magnetica.

There Eamonn meets his grandfather, the mighty Ginomus Giganticus, creator of them all. Can Eamonn and his clones destroy the Magnetaur, their grandfather’s most terrifying creation, before it destroys them and everything else on the planet?

To commemorate the completion of the series, we have a combined full trilogy and preorder offer. By clicking the purchase/preorder link below you will receive all three books of the trilogy just before release date (late September 2019). This offer is for any reader in US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. In Australia the combines retail cost (not counting shipment) would be just under AU$60.00. For this special occasion, and ending COB 1 September 2019, we will offer AU$40.00 including shipping to the above geographies. Special indeed!

This offer has now expired.

Sneak Preview: The Rejects by Ali Foster

IFWG Publishing (Australia and International) prides itself for its juvenile and young teen titles, and recently we have won some significant adulation in this field – The Smoking Mirror‘s ALA Belpre Award honor title comes to mind, as well as the Brumbies series.

Keeping this in mind, and also adding our significant effort to have a strong presence in the New Zealand market, we want to share with you the beautiful cover for The Rejects by Ali Foster (Book 1 of the Ginomees Trilogy). New Zealand artist and designer Cheryl Smith created a wonderful cover capturing the characters in Ali’s book, and it also has vibrant colours – well suited to the 8-10 year old reader market (and all the way to adult, mind you).

The rejects front cover

“We’re ginomees, it says so right here. Look! G-N-O-M-E-S spells ginomees!”

A group of discarded garden ginomees turn their backs on the boredom of a lifetime in the garden and set out in search of adventure. When a good deed goes wrong, Noname and his friend Flutey are forced to fly over the Tripletoe Mountains to win back the hats stolen by a band of wild ginomees.

The Rejects will be released on 1 May 2017 and will be available from all good bookstores, electronic and print.

News: New Cover for Paper Magic

With the increased interest in our children’s titles, and the huge triple-launch event in Canberra this Saturday, we decided it was time for a freshen-up of one of our first kid’s books: Paper Magic, by Jeffery E. Doherty.

New Cover for e-book

Paper Magic is a story about finding courage, facing challenges and overcoming self-doubt. It is about the power of friendship and discovering you don’t need magic to be worthwhile. The park calls to Marina. It tugs at a place deep in her chest but the thought of meeting the children who play there sends her into a breathless panic.

This beautiful story deals with issues of bullying, anxiety and being different, issues increasingly relevant to children of all ages. The story will delight any reader who has ever felt awkward, lonely or anxious.

You can purchase the print title through any good online or bricks and mortar retailer, but also through our print store.

If you want an ebook, visit Amazon.


New Release: The Adventures of Ursus the Bear

IFWG Publishing Australia is extremely proud to announce the release of the young children’s storybook, The Adventures of Ursus the Bear, written by British author, Jack Eason, and lavishly colour illustrated by New Zealand artist, Frances Hutt.

Ursus Front Cover

This is one of our longest projects, having commenced in 2012. The number of illustrations (filling 59 pages), and the disruption of a severe earthquake in New Zealand, among other things, made this a long journey. But it was worth the wait. This storybook has six wonderful stories intended for young readers and for parents to read to their very young children. Each story follows the adventures of the young cub, Ursus, and completes with a lesson that both Ursus, and young readers, will learn.

Ursus the Honey Bear is a special bear cub: he was born with silver-coloured fur. This makes him special in the bear community but it did cause some fuss at first. None of this concerns Ursus, as he is a playful bear and would rather spend all his waking hours exploring the world around him, and making new friends. Like all bear cubs, he loves adventure.

While written for a British audience, children from all over the world will be delighted by this storybook. It will soon be available in all good online print book stores, and can be purchased now through our print store.

Awesome Mini-List of Children’s Fiction from IFWG Publishing Australia

We are proud of our children’s and young teen fiction, and given the proximity of Christmas, we suggest you have a look at some of our selection of children’s books and consider them for gifts.


A Magpie Called Will
by Peter Rondel (illustrated by Frances Hutt)

Front Cover A Magpie Called Will

Michael befriends a magpie that is smarter than he is. The magic of Merlin The Magician reaches across the years to the present day, and suddenly, the two worlds are joined by the magpie’s secret. Beautifully illustrated, suitable for ages 8 to 12.

Paper Magic
written and illustrated by Jeffery E Doherty

Paper Magic Cover E-Book with quote

The park calls to Marina. It tugs at a place deep in her chest but the thought of meeting the children who play there sends her into a breathless panic.

This beautiful story deals with issues of bullying, anxiety and being different, issues increasingly relevant to children of all ages. The story will delight any reader who has ever felt awkward, lonely or anxious. Suitable for children aged 7 to 12.

Young Teen

Against The Elements
by Esme Carpenter

Front Cover ATE

“It is called the Elemental Control. And it is failing. The elements are mere ghosts of their full forces. And, as it fails Delphi, I start to die. I need you to save me, the future of your home, and a very powerful boy.”

Delphi is alone in places with strange secrets and rules, with the fate of her world on her shoulders, and although she makes many friends she also attracts more dangerous attention…

Sealskin Coast
written and illustrated by Rowena Evans

Sealskin Coast Front Cover

Wallace Emmet Keyes has so many problems he doesn’t know which way to turn. Everyone at the new school makes fun of him. His cousin can’t stand him. For the last month he’s lived with Aunty Jay, Raa and Raiona in a tiny flat in the city instead of at home with his parents. But these are distractions from the big problem: both his mother and father have run away from home.

The Infinity Trap
by Ian C Douglas

front cover

How far would you go to find your missing father? For Zeke Hailey, a teenager living in the 23rd century, even Mars is not too far. Zeke’s dad is one of the Mariners, a mysterious elite of psychics who have conquered Outer Space. Now he’s vanished on a secret mission.

News: Official Launch of Paper Magic

The Paper Magic book launch at Eglinton Public School (NSW, Australia) on Saturday afternoon (26 October 2013) was a very successful and festive event. Public response was excellent with over 140 guests in attendance. The launch was officially opened by Principal Graham Small who gave a heartfelt introduction to the proceedings. He was presented with a ten book set of Paper Magic to be used in classroom literacy programs.

Year six Eglinton student, Madeline Cole, read an excerpt from the book before the author, Jeffery E Doherty, spoke about storytelling and the inspiration behind writing Paper Magic.  He also spoke about how working at the school was the perfect place to find stories. “Nearly every day I see something at school where I say, that has to go in a book.” He also thanked his editor Gerry Huntman and publisher IFWG Publishing Australia for taking a chance on him.

Jeff brought the people who modeled for the illustrations in the book up onto the stage and presented each of them with a framed illustration from the book. He also gave away the original pastel illustration he designed for the limited edition book plate to one lucky guest. All the children who attended went home with some gift and most had their faces painted by an industrious fairy that spent the entire event madly painting in the corner.

A representative from Books Plus in Bathurst handled the book sales to the public during the launch and Jeff was thankful for the support they have shown to him since he originally signed the contract for publication.

The following are a few photos of the event.

Book Launch

Attendees at the launch

Books Plus

Books Plus

Happy Customers

Happy customers

Illustration Models

Models for the book’s illustrations

Maddeline Reading

Maddeline reading

Official Launch

Formal book launch



Story time

Story Time