Christmas Discount: Brumbies Series

Australian Buyers Only

IFWG Publishing Australia has dropped nearly $15.00 from its normal discount offer for purchasing the entire 5 book Brumbies Series trade paperback bundle. For only AU$94.95 IFWG Publishing will ship the 5 books to any Australian shipping address.

We will maintain this offer into the New Year but orders will need to be made in the next week to 10 days to ensure delivery prior to Christmas.

3D 5 Brumbies books 002Follow the adventures of city girl Louise and local farm boy Ben, as they risk all to save the wild Brumbies in the Australian Snowy Mountains, survive extreme weather conditions, journey into the outback, and take part in gruelling endurance horse racing. For children from ten up, these books are ideal for readers who love horse-based adventure stories.

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Special Offer: Discount for purchasing entire Brumbies Series set

With the release of the fifth and final volume of Paula Boer’s Brumbies Series, IFWG is offering a great price for purchasing all five in ebook or print formats. Click here (or the image) and take advantage of these excellent savings offers, for wonderful children’s horse stories, lavishly illustrated by Rowena Evans.

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Giveaway: Brumbies by Paula Boer

IFWG Publishing is giving away the ebook title, Brumbies, by Paula Boer, in celebration of the release of the new and final instalment of the 5 part series, Brumbies in the Mountains (the ebook is out now, the print title is out in the new year).

We figure that you will like Brumbies enough to consider purchasing the entire series.

The giveaway offer runs from 1 to 5 January 2015, based on US time zones.

3D 5 Brumbies books 002


When city girl Louise moves to the country, she discovers the mountain brumbies are to be killed for pet food. She and Ben, a local farm boy, determine to save as many of the wild horses as they can. Despite opposition, they arrange a muster, but nothing goes according to plan.

Following in the hoof-prints of “The Silver Brumby” and “The Man from Snowy River”, this horse-packed adventure encounters challenges through some of the toughest territory in Australia.

The book is richly illustrated by artist and writer, Rowena Evans.

News: Special eBook Offer for the Brumbies Series

To celebrate the release of the final volume of the Brumbies series of children’s books, IFWG Publishing will be offering a series of sliding offers over coming months. Click on the covers for details on each title.

Revamped front cover Brumbies Brumbies in the Snow Cover Brumbies in the Mist test 001f-cover Brumbies Outback v3 front cover 9781925148596-Perfect-green cover only

12 December 2014

All five volumes of the series can be purchased in ebook format for US$19.99, which is a 20% saving from recommended retail prices.

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Mid-December 2014

3D 5 Brumbies books 002

We will be offering a very special discount offer for the series in print format – anywhere in the world.

Early 2015

We are looking to a signed series and possible slip-case edition of the series. Stay tuned.

News: Brumbies Series Has Its Own Website

We have good news – the Brumbies series has its own website, which provides an outline of the 5 books (one of which will be published in a week or so), and a fabulous amount of bonus material.

Some of the resources on the page include maps, glossary of horse terms, sketches by Rowena Evans, and never before seen material and news.

You can visit the Brumbies Novels Website here.

Brumbies Books 4 books