News: New Distributor Partner for Australia and New Zealand Geography

We are extremely pleased to announce our exclusive partnership with Novella Distribution for distribution services in Australia and New Zealand. With this signing, IFWG has now got distribution coverage to all English speaking countries, as well as all of Continental Europe. The distribution arrangements are:

IFWG Publishing Australia imprint:

Australia and New Zealand: Novella Distribution
UK, Europe, some African/Asian regions: Gazelle Book Services

IFWG Publishing International imprint:

North America: Small Press United (IPG/University of Chicago Press)

At this stage a good number of our IFWG Australia titles are also distributed through our International imprint.

Changing to a new distributor is a large and complex exercise, so we ask readers to have some patience while we make this important transition.

IFWG Print Shop News

IFWG Publishing Australia is nearing completion of its full transition to its Australian distributor. The direct result, as foreshadowed, is the scaling down of our direct sales business, which has always been a significant overhead to us. This has always been part of our plan.

As of today, we will only be direct selling a very limited number of titles – mostly preorders, from time to time, and a few specialist books that are better to sell direct than go through distributors.

We have removed all relevant print shop pages for the majority of our titles, and links to them will be removed over coming days.

We are grateful to patrons who have purchased books through us in the past, and hope you all can encourage retailers and libraries to pick up our products through our distributors.

News: Major Milestone for IFWG Publishing Australia

Without a doubt the most important milestone of IFWG Publishing Australia has just been achieved. We have just signed a distribution deal with a notable independent Australian distributor (Dennis Jones and Associates), that will enable our print books to be distributed effectively to retailers, libraries and other outlets, including online, as well as our ebooks to be distributed globally. Additionally, there are strong synergies with UK and New Zealand, which will mature in coming weeks – and we will keep you posted on that.

Most small, independent publishers understand that this step is the biggest that can be made, and it can’t happen unless the product is proven to be of excellent quality (the stuff will sell) and long-term, sound business practices are maintained (there is a strong financial commitment to working with distributors). We are now joining a small subset of Australian independent publishers who have taken this step, and we look forward to expanding this over the next year to global reach with other distribution partnerships.

Our new and best selling titles will be quite rapidly transitioned to the distributor, and our remaining back catalogue will move across in regular waves over the next 9 months or so. There will be some minor disruption at times, so please have patience with us if you are effected. Most of our print titles will rise in price, to match what is currently the norm in the retail world – and which we have little choice on the matter to make this a financially viable concern.

We are overjoyed and ecstatic at this achievement, and we look very much forward to increase our readership and contribute to the speculative fiction publishing industry in the geographies affected.