Anthology Submission Guidelines: Killer Creatures Down Under: Horror Stories with Bite

Submissions open: 22 April 2022
Deadline: 15 July 2022
Payment: 4c per word for original stories, 1c per word for reprints (Australian currency)
Publisher: IFWG Publishing Australia (co-published in North America through the IFWG Publishing International imprint)
Note: Open to Australian writers only (citizens, residents and ex-pats)
To be edited by award-winning author and anthology editor, Deborah Sheldon.

Killer Creatures Down Under: Horror Stories with Bite will comprise stories from Australian writers obtained entirely from open callout. The stories must feature Australian animals; in other words, no cryptids, ghosts, legends or monsters. The animals can be of any type – mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, invertebrates, fish, arthropods – as long as they are real creatures that are native to Australia. While each story must be nominally “body horror”, there is no restriction on subgenre: anything from sci-fi to fantasy to gothic to action to psychological and beyond will be considered.

Stories must be between 1500 and 5000 words. Stories outside of these word counts risk being deleted unread. Reprints will be considered, but must not be available for free anywhere online. The anthology will have only a small number of reprints, regardless.

While graphic violence and swearing are acceptable, submissions must have a literary bent, i.e., a high standard of writing. For a clearer understanding of requirements, you might read Deb’s IFWG anthology, Spawn: Weird Horror Tales About Pregnancy, Birth and Babies

What to avoid:

  • Gratuitous gore used purely for shock value.
  • Cliché tropes such as: the adventures of a young boy and his dog; the main character turning out to be an animal; death of a beloved pet; dead animals coming back to life; crazy cat lady; alien disguised as an animal; villain with a fish tank; and so on.
  • The submission of first drafts, often indicated by spelling and grammatical errors.

Required rights:

  • First worldwide electronic and print rights in the English language, exclusive for one year, and non-exclusive rights thereafter.
  • For reprints, non-exclusive rights apply.
  • If the story is subsequently reprinted, please credit Killer Creatures Down Under: Horror Stories with Bite (IFWG Publishing Australia) as the original publisher.

How to submit:

  • Your story must be in a Word document, double-spaced, Times New Roman in 12pt.
  • Your name, contact details and word count should be on the first page above the title.
  • Use double-quotation marks, single space after full stops, first-line indents, page numbers, and Australian-English spelling. No tabs. No double-returns between paragraphs.
  • Send to Deborah Sheldon at with STORY TITLE – YOUR NAME – WORD COUNT as the subject heading. Please fill in the actual details.
  • In the body of your email, provide an author bio of about 100 words (give or take). Include your Australian citizen/resident/ex-pat status – this is important. 
  • If your story is a reprint, provide the full details of its first publication in the body of your email, with links if possible.
  • You can submit more than one story. Submit each story in a separate email.
  • No simultaneous submissions, which means do not submit your story to another market at the same time.
  • Give yourself the best possible chance – please do not ignore these guidelines.

Response issues:

  • All acceptance and rejection emails will be sent by 12 August 2022.
  • No feedback will be offered for rejected stories. Please don’t ask.
  • Do not resubmit a rejected story, even if you have made substantial changes.
  • All accepted stories will be edited and adjustments made for house style. If you think your writing doesn’t require editing, please do not submit to this anthology.
  • Killer Creatures Down Under: Horror Stories with Bite is scheduled for publication in June 2023.
  • Accepted writers will receive payment via bank transfer within 30 days of publication (or PayPal in exceptional cases).
  • Accepted writers will also receive an e-book and one complimentary paperback.

IFWG Publishing Australia will provide further updates on the anthology’s publication schedule in due course.

Signing: Deborah Sheldon to Edit a Second Exciting Australian Horror Anthology

IFWG is very excited to announce the signing of Deborah Sheldon’s editing services for a premium horror anthology to be published in 2023.

It will entirely consist of accepted submissions from a callout to Australian horror fiction writers in 2022.

It is too early to provide full details for this project, as we are still managing the logistics, but we can give you a clue – the title of the anthology will be ‘Killer Creatures Down Under: Horror Stories With Bite’. More details will be forthcoming in April, with the intention to open for submissions later in the year.

Deborah Sheldon 2020 medium-res

Deborah Sheldon is fast becoming a noted anthologist in Australia and overseas, with her guest editorship of an issue of Midnight Echo magazine, and, of course, her sterling work for Spawn: Weird Horror Tales About Pregnancy, Birth and Babies. IFWG is very much looking forward to working with Deborah on this project.

COVER REVEAL: DRACULA UNFANGED gets cover by the 2020 BBC DRACULA’s, and THE WOLFMAN’s 2011 Oscar-winning Make-Up Artist, Dave Elsey!

IFWG Publishing unveils its cover for a new ‘Imagine That’ Horror Anthology: DRACULA UNFANGED, by cover artist, Oscar winner Dave Elsey! Elsey shared Best Make-Up with industry legend, his pal, Rick Baker, on THE WOLFMAN, in 2011, and Elsey has serious Dracula cred with his amazing make-up and creature shop work (with wife, Lou) on the 2020 Gatiss-Moffat (SHERLOCK) re-invention of DRACULA.

Elsey provides a truly beautifully horrifying image of the immortal Count for a new anthology bristling with macabre fiction literary legends and Draculeana experts, in a collection based on a parallel universe concept by Christopher Sequeira (who devised SHERLOCK HOLMES AND DOCTOR WAS NOT for IFWG, and co-devised and edited, with Bryce Stevens and Steve Proposch, the four volume CTHULHU DEEP DOWN UNDER series and the sensational new release CAPED FEAR: SUPERHUMAN HORROR STORIES).

Editor Sequeira and Dave Elsey go way back, as they created an acclaimed graphic novel series DARK DETECTIVE SHERLOCK HOLMES – an authentic Hammer-esque take on the great detective, with artist friend Philip Cornell some years ago.

Special mention should be given to Catherine Archer-Wills, who is DRACULA UNFANGED’s cover designer.

This new book sees names like DACRE STOKER (great-nephew of BRAM STOKER) & LEVERETT BUTTS, RAMSEY CAMPBELL, NANCY HOLDER, JIM KRUEGER, CHRISTOPHER FOWLER, RON FORTIER, LEE MURRAY, WILL MURRAY, JASON FRANKS, and others, including – in a nice closing of a circle – PHILIP CORNELL teaming with JACQUELINE SEQUEIRA to write one particular tale in the volume that will please fans of Dracula, as much as it will those of classic detective fiction. The volume also includes black and white frontispiece and end piece art by occultist VICKY ADAMS and a foreword by ANNOTATED DRACULA author, LESLIE S. KLINGER.

If you like horror, Dracula, or multiverse stories, you can’t go wrong with this volume!

New Release: Infectious Hope

IFWG is immensely proud to announce the world-wide release of our fourth instalment in our chapbook series, Infectious Hope: Poems of Hope and Resilience From The Pandemic, edited by Silvia Cantón Rondoni. “IFWG didn’t hesitate to take on this project,” stated Gerry Huntman, Managing Director, “as COVID-19 permeated every aspect of all of our lives over the last few years – it made sense to contribute to some form of positive message through our publishing house. Silvia’s editing effort was immense and she was a pocket dynamo in terms of attracting some of the best poets in the world, and not just from the horror genre that she has close ties with. We are still gobsmacked by the table of contents.”

The inspiring cover art and design was also rendered by Silvia Cantón Rondoni.

Infectious Hope: Poems of Hope and Resilience From the Pandemic is a call out for positivism and resilience during lockdown and isolation. Editor and poet Silvia Cantón Rondoni has curated a poetry anthology that includes a spectacular range of diverse poets from around the globe, and focuses on their insights and strength during the pandemic.

A poetic vaccination of the soul, and a reminder that we are in this together and are stronger than we know. This anthology contains the creativity of 47 poets, including luminaries Fiona Wright, Joe R. Landsdale, Isobelle Carmody, Roz Kaveney, and Linda D. Addison, as well as an introduction by Lee Murray.

This chapbook is available now and can be found in all good print stores, online and bricks and mortar. This book is not available in ebook formats.

Cover Reveal: Caped Fear (eds Proposch, Sequeira & Stevens)

IFWG is very happy indeed with the cover of Caped Fear: Superhuman Horror Stories, one of our flagship anthologies for 2022, with a stellar list of contributors (where do we begin?). Artwork is by the masterful Jan Scherpenhuizen, and font work and design by Steve Proposch.

This anthology will be released on 19th February 2022 (globally except North America – 21 April 2022).

More information will be posted soon, including preorders.

Upcoming Release: Infectious Hope (ed. Silvia Cantón Rondoni)

IFWG Publishing is pleased to announce the upcoming release of a poetry anthology chapbook, titled Infectious Hope, edited by Silvia Cantón Rondoni. It incorporates themes of hope and resilience during COVID, bringing the writing community together during the pandemic. Silvia has curated an exceptional anthology filled with diverse poets from all over the world.

The chapbook will be released worldwide in late 2021 (date will be finalised in coming weeks), and will comprise the following poets:

Linda D. Addison

Ryka Aoki

Crisosto Apache

Allen Ashley

Eugen Bacon

Esther Belin

Jenny Blackford

Isobelle Carmody

Jay Caselberg

Anne Casey

Kat Clay

Claire G. Coleman

PS Cottier

Cardinal Cox

Jack Dann

Sebastien Doubinsky

Nigel Ellis

Stephanie Ellis

Rebecca Fraser

Owl Goingback

Oz Hardwick

Dominique Hecq

Dominic Hoey

Robert Hood

Joe R. Lansdale

Stephanie Lum

Alessandro Manzetti

Kirstyn McDermott

Donna McLeod

Fi Murphy

Jason Nahrung

Biola Olatunde

Yenn Purkis

Dan Rabarts

Hester J. Rook

Sumiko Saulson

Angela Yuriko Smith

Ruby Smith

Christina Sng

Heather Truet

Kyla Lee Ward

Janeen Webb

Adam Wolfond

Tabatha Wood

Fiona Wright

Marty Young

…and a Foreward by Lee Murray.

Stay tuned for cover reveal and specifics on release.