IFWG Publishing Australia is closed for submissions. Due to a rich forward catalogue, we will not open until early/mid 2018. Apologies to those who have been waiting for a lengthy period of time.

IFWG Publishing Australia is a small, independent press, and it has a very high standard of publication. Consequently, we only accept a small number of titles each year. Our pipeline is now open but it will close when we receive enough quality submissions to safely go through a ’round two’ process to finalise acceptances. From past experience, we may only be open a few months. We are likely to accept only 2, possibly 3 manuscripts, and the publishing process will take 12 to 18 months to publication, after acceptance. It may take a few months to determine acceptance or rejection.

If you are not an Australian, New Zealander, or UK citizen, we would ask you to click here to view the submission guidelines for our US/International imprint (who are geared for publishing in US English and are primarily targeting US readers).

What We Want

We are a speculative fiction publisher first, children’s book publisher a close second. However, part of our acceptance criteria will include filling in gaps in subject matter, and avoiding over-subscribing in certain genres/sub-genres. Major considerations currently in mind are:

  1. Unlikely to accept children’s fiction for 2015, unless the work is outstanding. We are likely to accept middle grade (young teen) above pre-teen, and it would help if excellent illustrations accompany the submission (if applicable).
  2. We are not interested in well-worn speculative fiction tropes.
  3. We are always interested in quality speculative fiction, in almost all sub-genres.
  4. We are not interested in romance as a primary, or ‘co-primary’ genre/style, regardless of setting.
  5. We are fine with sex, language and violence/gore, as long as they correctly support a storyline and themes that serve to tell a quality story. Sex for titilation/eroticism, inappropriate overuse of language, and gore for gore’s sake, will be quickly rejected.
  6. We are less interested in collections than novels.
  7. The ideal word length is 60-90k. If legitimate world-building is involved (usually fantasy), we will not be averse to up to 120k. Anything outside these word counts have to be outstanding in quality.
  8. It may be obvious, but we require your best effort and decent, single-manuscript presentation. First impressions do matter.
  9. It DOES matter whether your manuscript is part of a series or not. We are NOT interested in picking up a story after the series has already started in another publisher’s catalog. We are not interested in republishing a story or series of stories that have gone out of print. We WANT TO KNOW if your story is part 1 of something.

How to Submit

We want your entire manuscript in electronic format – RTF (Rich Text File) only. If you don’t know how to do this, note that most word processing programs/apps have a ‘save as’ option which includes RTF.

Manuscripts should be double-spaced, in Courier, Times, Times New Roman, or Garamond font styles. Italics should be really in italics (no underlining). It should be in one file, not separate for each chapter.

The Submittable System has space for comments. Please provide a 100 word synopsis of your story. We are not readers, but publishers, so you shouldn’t hold back on twists or the ending. Note that the Submittable System is a third-party product and will hold your manuscript in it’s database on our behalf.

If you are submitting a manuscript with illustrations, we prefer the illustrations not to be included in the manuscript file, but rather, a sample of four or five images (jpg only) included in your submission.

Click Here to submit your manuscript.

Conditions of Contract

IFWG Publishing Australia, on acceptance, will require a contract to be signed that allows IFWG Publishing Australia to publish your book in print and ebook formats – any and all formats it chooses. Our normal policy is to print in paperback, and almost all ebook formats available. We will also have the option to print in hardcover.

IFWG Publishing Australia’s royalty policy is very simple. We cover all expenses of publishing, and we pay 50% of after-cost (per unit) profits in the form of a royalty to the author/s (and illustrators, if applicable). We expect the author/s/illustrators to be active in marketing, which we will support to our best capacity.

5 thoughts on “Submissions

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    • Hi barryros

      Please read our submission guidelines – all your questions can be answered there. Paranormal fiction is speculative fiction (usually a sub genre of fantasy), and consequently it can be submitted, as per guidelines.

      Good luck


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