Bundle Offer: The Complete Reforging Series by Barbara Howe

IFWG has just released the final of Barbara Howe’s Reforging series, The Forge, and to celebrate this release, as well as the conclusion of this masterful young adult series, we are offering to ship the five books to purchasers, anywhere in the world(*), until the end of January 2022. What makes Howe’s Reforging so special … Continue reading

Preorder Offer: The Five Star Republic limited signed edition

IFWG is very pleased to offer a limited signed edition version of Janeen Webb and Andrew Enstice’s new novel, The Five Star Republic. It is in hardcover format, with a signed block page (by both authors) and numbered. There will be a limit of 100 numbered copies available. A similar offer will be available next … Continue reading

New Acquisition: The Revelationary War: Book 1: Demoniacs by Craig Cormick

A few years ago IFWG had the good fortune to acquire and release a wonderful novel by Craig Cormick, titled The Years of the Wolf. It isn’t just a page-turner; it is also a work resulting from extensive and insightful research, and it was experimental – bridging historical fiction with suspense, mystery, and a dash … Continue reading

New Acquisition: The Ferren Trilogy by Richard Harland

IFWG Publishing is delighted to have acquired the rights to publish best-selling author, Richard Harland’s Ferren Trilogy. The trilogy received critical acclaim well over ten years ago, with literary luminaries such as Isobel Carmody calling the first book, Ferren and the Angel, a “…rare thing, a profoundly original fantasy that is at the same time, … Continue reading

New Acquisition: Kat by Michael B Fletcher and Paula Boer

IFWG is delighted to add another new title to its forward catalogue of Young Adult fiction, in this case a science fiction titled Kat, by Australian writers Michael B Fletcher and Paula Boer. Both writers have published with IFWG before – one of our earliest titles is Kings of Under-Castle by Fletcher, a collection of … Continue reading

New Acquisition: Dream Weaver by Steven Paulsen

IFWG has had a long and fruitful relationship with the very talented Australian author, Steve Paulsen, including publishing a collection of his weird and dark fiction, Shadows on the Wall, as well as publishing some of his short fiction in flagship anthologies over recent years. It is with great pleasure that we can announce the … Continue reading

New Acquisition: Final Three Books of the Warriors of Vhast series by Cary J Lenehan

IFWG Publishing has had a strong association with Cary Lenehan, exclusively with his long-running epic fantasy series, Warriors of Vhast. Right from the beginning we were entranced with the world building he carried out, and the diversity of characters, associated (inexplicably, but with reason) with many real human cultures. This was and is his strength … Continue reading

New Acquisition: Short Fiction Collection by Anthony Ferguson

IFWG Publishing is very happy indeed to acquire a collection of short fiction by Australian author, Anthony Ferguson. We have known him for some time, as he is an active and creative talent in dark fiction and horror in the Australasian community, and it was inevitable that a publisher would pick up his work. We … Continue reading