Illustrator: Keely van Order


Keely lives in Canberra, Australia where she completed her masters of visual art (digital media and illustration) at the Australian National University. Currently completing a third degree in Psychology, she teaches art and language courses locally while also working as a freelance graphic illustrator. She has exhibited and published various creative works in Canada and Australia after 10 years living abroad in Argentina, Peru, Chile and the USA.

Keely illustrated Kaaron Warren’s novel, The Grief Hole, as well as rendering the art and design for its cover. Following soon after, a collection of this artwork, combined with illustrations and mood work leading to final pieces, will be released in a special limited edition by IFWG Publishing (stay tuned).

The front cover of The Grief Hole (art and design by Keely):


More of her artwork can be found at her creative website:

Below is some sample work by Keely (all copyright Keely van Order):

4 thoughts on “Illustrator: Keely van Order

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  4. Hi I’m working with Keely on another great collaborative project, MURDER IN THE MAIL. I’ll also be running a Kickstarter, and one of the prizes will be a FULL book pack of all the contributors. If there is a lot of demand, I’ll need lots of copies of that limited edition art companion piece. Could you please email me and let me know what cap I should put on supplies?

    Felicity Banks –

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