Illustrator: Keely van Order

Keely Van Order pic 2

In the last several years Keely has been working as a software and foreign language instructor, while also freelancing in graphic design. Her first major art publication was The Grief Hole written by Kaaron Warren, who received numerous literary awards and Keely was also shortlisted to second place for the 2018 Ditmar Award, Best Artwork category. In 2018 she received the E.G. Harvey Award at Conflux, the People’s Choice Award and First Place in Show at the 2018 Australian National Science Fiction Convention, among other awards. Recently she moved to Victoria where she has been working in neuroscience research. At present she is finishing her training in psychology, concurrently with her postgraduate program in Clinical Research at the University of Melbourne, Faculty of Medicine.

The front cover of The Grief Hole (art and design by Keely):


More of her artwork can be found at her creative website:

Below is some sample work by Keely (all copyright Keely van Order):

4 thoughts on “Illustrator: Keely van Order

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  4. Hi I’m working with Keely on another great collaborative project, MURDER IN THE MAIL. I’ll also be running a Kickstarter, and one of the prizes will be a FULL book pack of all the contributors. If there is a lot of demand, I’ll need lots of copies of that limited edition art companion piece. Could you please email me and let me know what cap I should put on supplies?

    Felicity Banks –

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