Illustrator: Frances Hutt

photo frances hutt

Frances Hutt – Artist, illustrator and writer. IFWG is pleased indeed with her collaboration with author Peter Rondel for his children’s book, A Magpie Called Will, as well as with author Jack Eason, on the young children’s book, The Adventures of Ursus the Bear (out of print) Her work also graces some permanent pages in SQ Mag.

Frances took up computer studies in her early 40’s and quickly became proficient with the computer’s graphic capabilities. She established her own desktop publishing business specializing in computerized restoration and coloring of old photographs. Now retired, she still uses these skills to enhance her artistic and illustrating projects.

Examples of Frances Hutt’s work (all copyright Frances Hutt):BLUEBIRD_frances hutt

Royal visitor_frances hutt

Seagulls_frances hutt

TeaA1_frances hutt

tomorrows dream_frances hutt

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