IFWG’s Chapbook Series of Titles

IFWG prides itself for supporting underrepresented authors and less mainstream subject matter/literary styles/experimentation in the speculative fiction fields. A natural extension of this philosophy is the establishment of a ‘Chapbook Series’ of titles, all focused heavily on shorter pieces, experimental or ‘fringe’ in the best possible interpretation of the word, and captivating for readers.

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The following Chapbook Series titles are available/slotted:

Chapbook #1
Black Moon by Eugen Bacon, illustrated by Elena Betti.
This title combines poetic micro fiction with glorious colour illustrations, forming a unique experience for readers. Dark and at times disturbing, a must-read for fans of literary horror or dark fantasy.
RELEASED: 1st December 2020

Chapbook #2
Tool Tales by Ellen Datlow (photography) and Kaaron Warren (micro fiction).
Ellen Datlow and Kaaron Warren teamed up on Facebook a few years ago when Ellen posted photos of antique tools and Kaaron wrote microfiction pieces to accompany them, without either of them knowing what the tools were for. This chapbook collects and preserves their playful interaction for readers to enjoy.
RELEASE DATE: 8 March 2021

Chapbook #3
Stark Naked is Silvia Cantón Rondoni’s intense personal journey. These reflections reveal her transition from childhood through grief and trauma, to the woman of resilience she is today. Illustrated by Silvia Nieto in close collaboration with the poet, her artwork adds visual soul and compliments a collection filled with raw emotion and brutal honesty.
RELEASE DATE: 1 June 2021