Forthcoming Titles

The following titles are committed for 2019, noting there might be adjustments in release months as we get closer to their production schedules. Several titles from the IFWG Publishing International imprint will also be published in the UK/Australia/NZ geographies (through IFWG Publishing Australia imprint).

August 2019

  • The Year of the Fruitcake (science fiction, humour, satire, Gillian Polack)
  • Remains (novella, horror, Andrew Cull)
  • The Blacksmith (heroic fantasy young adult, Book 3 of the Reforging Series, Barbara Howe)

September 2019

  • Metamorphosis (body horror short story collection, Claire Fitzpatrick)

October 2019

  • The Cave at the End of the Universe  (final part of The Ginomees juvenile trilogy, Ali Foster)
  • Dawn of the Zombie Apocalypse (Horror middle grade, Lee Murray)

November 2019

  • The Bloodwolf War (book 1 of the Equinora Chronicles, young adult fantasy, Paula Boer)
  • Cthulhu Deep Down Under Volume 3 (Lovecraftian Horror anthology, eds. Proposch, Sequeira, Stevens)
  • Electron’s Blade (book 4 of the Zeke Hailey science fiction middle grade series) (science fiction, Ian C Douglas)
  • Time of Breath (Book 3 Drakeforth Series, fantasy, Paul Mannering)
  • Scouring the Land (Book 4 Warriors of Vhast epic fantasy series, Cary J Lenehan)
  • Olivia Stone and the Call of the Carnival (Book 3 of the Guardians of St. Giles middle grade horror series, Jeffery E Doherty)
  • Shadows in the Stone (historical fantasy, Jack Dann)
  • Figments and Fragments: Dark Stories (horror short story collection, Deborah Sheldon)
  • Electron’s Blade (book 4 of the Zeke Hailey science fiction middle grade series) (science fiction, Ian C Douglas)

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