TOC Reveal: Spawn: Weird Horror Tales About Pregnancy, Birth and Babies

It is with great pleasure that we can now announce the Table of Contents for our upcoming anthology: Spawn: Weird Horror Tales About Pregnancy, Birth and Babies, edited by Deborah Sheldon.

“A Good Big Brother” – Matt Tighe
“Sins of the Mother” – Tracie McBride
“Beneath the Cliffs of Darknoon Bay” – Rebecca Fraser
“Mother Dandelion” – Antoinette Rydyr
“Family Unit” – Sean Williams
“The Still Warm” – Paul Mannering
“The Hot-and-Cold Girl” – Samantha Murray
“Expel the Darkness” – Robyn O’Sullivan
“My Sweet Porcupette” – Geraldine Borella
“Hair and Teeth” (reprint) – Deborah Sheldon
“Mother Diamond” – Janeen Webb
“The Remarkable Compass for Finding the Departed” – Charles Spiteri
“Empty Bellies” – Ash Tudor
“A Rose for Becca” (reprint) – Jason Fischer
“Grieving the Spirit” – Jack Dann
“A Sense of Belonging” – Mark Towse
“Gravid” – JM Merryt
“Motherdoll” – HK Stubbs
“The Red Shrine (Fingerless and Double-mouthed)” – Kaaron Warren
“The Phobia Clinic” – David Kuraria
“The Surrogate” – Renee De Visser
“Saturday Night at the Milk Bar” (reprint) – Gary Kemble
“The River is Deep” – Kat Pekin

Spawn: Weird Horror Tales About Pregnancy, Birth and Babies will be released, world-wide, in Q2 2021.

New Release: Electron’s Blade by Ian C. Douglas

Electrons Blade Front Cover

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that we can announce the world release of Ian C. Douglas‘ fourth instalment in the middle grade Zeke Hailey series, Electron’s Blade.

“Douglas’ Zeke Hailey series is wonderful, in every sense of the word,” said Gerry Huntman, Managing Director of IFWG. “There’s precious few quality middle grade/young teen science fiction set in a far distant future, with action at its centre, and in many ways optimistic for humanity – this is definitely one of them. Kudos to Douglas and we are looking forward to publishing the final instalment next year.”

Electron’s Blade is available worldwide in all good bricks and mortar stores as well as online, and in all ebook formats.

It’s war! Ruthless terrorists force the Governor of Mars into military action.

Only one boy can stop the bloodshed. Psychic teenager Zeke Hailey speaks the ancient Martian language. He alone can figure out the riddle of Electron’s Blade. This mysterious alien artefact may hold the secret to peace on the red planet. Both the Governor and rebel colonists seek Zeke’s help. But which side should he trust?

As old foes return, the conflict rapidly escalates. Zeke discovers that nowhere, not even his beloved school for psychics, is safe from the warfare. But is there a deeper conspiracy at work? Who are the shadowy Martian State Brigade? And what of the Spiral, still haunting Zeke’s visions? Is Zeke a pawn in a game played since the dawn of time? Will he stop the apocalypse, or release it?

It’s never too late to buy all the books in the series, and enjoy this futuristic adventure set on Mars.

front cover perf6.000x9.000.indd Particle Beast Front Cover

IFWG short fiction mentioned in Ellen Datlow’s recommended reading

IFWG is pleased to see 8 entries in Ellen Datlow’s recommended short fiction stories by authors published through our titles:

    Cowens, Debbie and Matt “The Ward of Tindalos,” Cthulhu Land of the Long White Cloud
    Hart, J. C. “Te Ika,” Cthulhu Land of the Long White Cloud.
    Hood, Robert “Time and Tide,” Cthulhu Deep Down Under Volume 2.

Kuraria, David “Kõpura Rising,” Cthulhu Land of the Long White Cloud (also an Honorable Mention in Datlow’s The Best Horror of the Year 11.)

    McDermott, Kirstyn “Sleeping Dogs,” Cthulhu Deep Down Under Volume 2.
    Murray, Lee “Dead End Town,” Cthulhu Deep Down Under Volume 2.
    Murray, Lee “Edward’s Journal,” Cthulhu Land of the Long White Cloud.
    Rabarts, Dan “The Silence at the Edge of the Sea,” Cthulhu Land of the long White Cloud.

Congratulations to our Australian and New Zealand writers, as well as all the fine authors mentioned in Ellen’s lists.

Preorder: Remains by Andrew Cull

Remains Art with Text


We are pleased to announce Kindle preorder availability of Remains (Andrew Cull) for all countries except North America – US and Canada will have access to kindle preorders soon. The ebook version of Remains will be released 1 August 2019 (16 September for North America).

Ebook preorders:
Kindle (US/Canada)
Nook Book

We are also pleased to announce print preorder availability of Remains for all English speaking countries – orders can be made until midnight 15 July 2019 (Australian Eastern Standard Time). The print version of Remains will be released 1 August 2019 (16 September for North America), but this preorder offer is available to all English Speaking geographies, and books will be received on or just before 1 August 2019.

Print Preorder offer is now expired.

Print and Kindle (non-North America regions) is now released.


New Acquisition: Dawn of the Zombie Apocalypse by Lee Murray

We in IFWG are excited to announce the signing of Lee Murray’s juvenile fiction piece, Dawn of the Zombie Apocalypse – the subject matter being self-evident!

Lee has been associated with IFWG for a long time and we have published her short fiction through a number of publications – we are thrilled to step it up to a novel.

We are expecting to publish the novel around mid 2019.

Lee Murray travelled by overnight train on Christmas Eve when she was three. Although she was worried, Father Christmas still found her, and left her a shiny new ukulele which Lee plans to learn to play as soon as she runs out of stories to write.

A multi award-winning author and editor (Australian Shadows, Sir Julius Vogel), Lee’s stories for young people include Misplaced, Conclave 7, Mika (with Piper Mejia), and best-loved middle grade adventure Battle of the Birds, which was listed in the Best Books of the Year 2011 by New Zealand’s Dominion Post. Her books for adults include the military thrillers Into the Mist and Into the Sounds (Severed Press) and supernatural crime-noir series Path of Ra co-authored with Dan Rabarts (Raw Dog Screaming Press). She lives in the sunny Bay of Plenty with her three favourite humans and a cute but very disobedient dog.

Cover Reveal: The Years of the Wolf by Craig Cormick

The Years of the Wolf front cover

IFWG Publishing is delighted to reveal the cover of Craig Cormick’s historical mystery/speculative fiction novel, The Years of the Wolf. The novel is based on a true story and the photograph (photographer unknown) is taken from the same time and place as the title’s source material. Catherine Archer-Wills has done a spectacular job of converting the photograph into a cover. Here is the full spread:

the years of the wolf spread

This story begins with a murder. A German internee is found dead inside a civilian internment camp during World War One, and one young internee, Arno Friedrich, determines to find the killer. But the more he probes into the lives of his fellow internees the more he discovers that little within the old stone prison is as he had imagined. He finds that the Germanic facades and fantasies the men construct hide secrets within secrets. And a killer.

The Years of the Wolf will be released and launched at Conflux on 29 September 2018. Preorder details will be released soon.