PREORDERS: Perfect Little Stitches and Other Stories by Deborah Sheldon

Perfect Little Stitches text option 3-2

A while ago we posted this wonderful cover of Deborah Sheldon’s upcoming horror/dark fiction collection, Perfect Little Stitches and Other Stories. We are now pleased to announce its release date: 1 September 2017, and preorders are now available.

This book is a collection of twenty-one dark fantasy and horror stories which are mysterious, creepy, and disturbing.

– A funeral director, who steals body parts for cash, takes delivery of an unusual corpse
– The crew of a nineteenth-century fishing boat encounters an unknown but irresistible danger.
– A dog-sledder on a secret mission in Antarctica fights for his life against the monsters that have fuelled his every nightmare since the Vietnam war.

…and much more.

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News: Cthulhu: Deep Down Under publishing rights acquired

We are very excited by this acquisition – a while back Christopher Sequeira, Bryce Stevens and Steve Proposch (respected dark fiction editors) put out a boutique title called Cthulhu: Deep Down Under, an anthology that acquired Mythos-based stories from many of Australia’s dark fiction luminaries. The excellent front cover is directly below.


The acquisition encompasses the following pertinent arrangements for full publication:

  1. IFWG Publishing Australia will publish Cthulhu: Deep Down Under in three volumes over a roughly 36 month period.
  2. Volume 1 will be published late 2017 or very early 2018.
  3. The editors will work with the publisher to acquire additional stories by other talented authors.
  4. The list of authors and their stories will be finalised (including which volumes they are published in) in good time – we are currently sorting appropriate legals with existing authors.
  5. All volumes will have different covers to the wonderful design above, but are likely to be closely related, to reflect the continuity and evolution of these projects.

We have much more to reveal but it will need to wait – we believe this is a great project and will elevate Australian Lovecraftian fiction internationally. IFWG Publishing Australia very much looks forward to working closely with the editors.

Here is a link with some bio information on the editors.

Forthcoming Release: The Gate Theory by Kaaron Warren

IFWG Publishing Australia is pleased to have acquired worldwide print and digital book rights for Kaaron Warren’s short story collection, The Gate Theory. “This collection attracted much-deserved rave reviews when it was published in 2015, and when we heard that its rights were available, we jumped for it,” Gerry Huntman, Managing Director IFWG Publishing Australia stated. “Last year we published Kaaron’s The Grief Hole, and we see this work as complementing it in our catalogue.”

The Gate Theory will be released in coming days, both in print and ebook formats, and will also be available in significant discounted form when purchasing The Grief Hole through the publisher, as part of a two-title deal.



Front and back cover artwork by Carlo Cotronis and design by Jeffery E Doherty.

“We’re all in pain. We try to keep the gates closed by falling in love, travelling, avoiding responsibility, getting drunk, taking drugs…anything to lose ourselves.
But the dull ache remains in each of us.These stories are about the gates opening.”

The Gate Theory holds six tales by award-winning Australian author Kaaron Warren. 
Each story resonates with the pain of living.

Star Quake 4 to be released January 2017

Due to many time constraints for staff for IFWG Publishing Australia and SQ Mag, we have been disappointed that we were unable to release Star Quake 4 in 2016. However, we are catching up rapidly on our backlogs and we are pleased to announce that the fourth anthology of SQ Mag’s best fiction will be released in January 2017.

To tantalise you – without giving away names at this stage, the following is a draft cover of the anthology.


Book Release: Dark Waters / Ronnie and Rita by Deborah Sheldon

It is with pleasure that we announce the release of Deborah Sheldon’s two crime-noir novellas in a single volume, ‘Dark Waters’ and ‘Ronnie and Rita’. This is a wonderful addition to our catalogue and is a good prelude to her collection of dark short stories early next year, Perfect Little Stitches and Other Stories.


Each story a mirror-image of the other…

A bad man trying to become good.

A good man turning bad.

Both men motivated by love.


Brendan Reilly, a.k.a. Danny Boy, is a veteran of the Overlords, an outlaw motorcycle club. A near-fatal accident leads him to an epiphany: he is determined to quit the life and reconnect with his ex-wife and son. At the same time, the Overlords are preparing for war against a rival gang, the Golden Jackals, and with Brendan’s loyalty in question, he is pushed further into the war when all he wants is a way out.

Dark Waters is a triumph through tragedy; a dark and uncompromising noir-like tale that is as much about the violence as it is about one man trying to escape it’
– Just a Guy That Likes to Read


Ron Spooner is middle-aged, alone and lonely, a nobody who has mowed lawns for a living ever since he was a boy. When he meets a young drifter, Rita, they fall in love, and want nothing more than a family of their own. Too bad it isn’t possible. Or is it? What Rita asks him to do is wrong. Terribly wrong. But Ron is willing to sacrifice everything for this twisted love affair.

Ronnie and Rita punches far above its weight. A poignant and clever combination of sadness and tension, manipulation and desire, right from the beginning there’s no way of avoiding the sense of impending disaster’
Austcrime Fiction

Where to Get It

The print version is available from all good online stores, including Amazon, or directly from the publisher.

eBook versions available Kindle format only.

Book Launch: The Grief Hole by Kaaron Warren

Gerry Huntman, the Managing Director of IFWG Publishing Australia, was MC at Kaaron Warron’s launch of her new novel, The Grief Hole, at the Canberra Writers’ Festival (27 August 2016, National Library of Australia).

It was a highly successful event, with more people attending than seating, including guests and attendees, such as Marion Halligan, Isobel Carmody, Carmel Bird, and Robert Hood.

Gerry commenced proceedings with a background to the Dark Phases title series, and the quality of the authors and titles needed to qualify – Kaaron had met the criterion with glowing credentials – World Fantasy Award shortlisted, prestigious Shirley Jackson Award winner, critically acclaimed for her novels and collections to date. He also talked about the motivation of Kaaron approaching a small publisher who had the courage to publish work that would normally be shied away from by larger companies – in this case publishing a title that covered topics of sensitivity in our society – domestic violence, youth suicide – the dark underbelly of society and the human condition.

Kaaron read two excerpts of her novel – the audience was riveted with her words – and the Launch then had a half hour break to mingle and chat with the guests (and Kaaron). Marion Halligan joined the Launch and interviewed Kaaron, interspersed with interesting questions from the audience.

Overall, this was highly successful event, and those who left the the Launch, were clearly happy with the proceedings.

The following are some photos of the event, taken by Cat Sparks: