Update: Jan Goldie Meets IFWG Publishing

Despite the technological wonders of the modern world, enabling one to carry out business remotely, there is always the negative dimension where projects are carried out without ever having met some of the key participants. It was with pleasure that New Zealand author Jan Goldie was in Melbourne, Australia for a narrow window and was able to meet Sophie Yorkston (SQ Mag Editor in Chief and IFWG Publishing senior editor) and Gerry Huntman (Managing Director IFWG Publishing and Chief Editor). It was a short, but highly enjoyable time, with a great deal to talk about, and despite the casual and relaxed atmosphere depicted in the photo below, there was a good amount of work done as well – the perfect arrangement.

Of course, the biggest topic was Jan’s imminent book release through IFWG Publishing Australia, the young adult fantasy novel, Brave’s Journey.

Jan Sophie Gerry Melbourne 20150811

(left to right) Jan Goldie, Sophie Yorkston, and Gerry Huntman (reproduced with kind permission from Jan Goldie)

News: SFSignal Gives Star Quake 1 Media Exposure

We are very pleased that SFSignal, a prominent and Hugo Award-winning international speculative fiction fanzine, has continued to support SQ Mag. This time they have provided a prominent article with Star Quake 1’s table of contents. Support them, and encourage them to support us!

The link is here.

News: SQ Mag Edition 11 Cover Revealed

We are so excited with the cover design for the 1 November 2013 edition of SQ Mag, we couldn’t help but leak it to you all. Steve Santiago is the artist, and he admitted it is one of his best. He also said that the live action model for his work is Miss Mosh, a talented and experienced model, noted for her flamboyant work in a recent Korn music clip.

just a reminder to those who don’t know, that SQ Mag is a free zine and comes out every two months. All our fiction is original. We also have running serials and book reviews.