Author/Illustrator: Rowena Evans


After spending more time on the title pages of her projects than in doing the actual work at school, Rowena went on to study art at the Alexander Mackie College of Advanced Education/City Art Institute/UNSW, receiving a B.A. in Visual Arts. She lives in Cooma in southern NSW.

Summary of life’s exciting challenges so far…

Childhood       Planned to be a famous artist when grown up

Teenage           Studied to be a famous artist

Later…            Travelled in Europe with her husband, got several children, goldfish, dog & other interesting things.

And later         Not yet a famous artist, nor grown up…

Rowena has exhibited prints, drawings and paintings in the Snowy Mountains region of New South Wales, worked as an illustrator for the National Parks & Wildlife Service and other organizations, illustrated several privately published books, been involved in many community art projects, taken up writing fiction to go with the pictures, and in recent years has been working on several illustration projects including the Brumbies series by Paula Boer published by IFWG Publishing (First Edition, ceased 2018). In 2008 she received an Australian Society of Authors mentorship for a picture book. Her illustrated novel for young readers, Sealskin Coast, was published by IFWG Publishing in May 2014.

Rowena’s artwork and writing contain a mixture of reality and imagination. It is possible that something fantastical may appear just around the next corner…

Rowena Evans Facebook page:

Rowena is writer and illustrator of IFWG Publishing’s title, Sealskin Coast, and her most recent young teen/young adult novel, Drums and Power Lines, where she did the cover art.

Sealskin Coast Front Cover   perf6.000x9.000.indd

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