IFWG Publishing Australia is a small publishing house based in Melbourne, Australia, specialising in speculative fiction for middle grade, YA and adult readers, written by Australian, UK and New Zealand Writers.


Gerry Huntman
Owner/Manager of SQ Mag Pty Ltd
(trading as IFWG Publishing Australia)

The Managing Director and Chief Editor of IFWG Publishing Australia is Gerry Huntman. Aside from being an author himself, he was co-founder of the publishing house, and has edited over 30 titles (comprising well over 2.5 million words). He is a full member of Editors Victoria, the oldest professional editing peak body in Australia, and the Australian Publishers Association.

IFWG, IFWG Publishing International, IFWG Publishing Australia, and International Fantasy Writers’ Guild, are all titles copyright SQ MAG PTY LTD. All material published on this site are copyright SQ MAG PTY LTD, or are reproduced by legal agreement. No material may be used by other parties unless by conditions of fair use.

IFWG Publishing Australia is a registered business owned/managed by SQ MAG PTY LTD (ACN: 614 249 795 ABN 50 614 249 795 – State of Victoria, Australia).


4 thoughts on “About

  1. We would like to get a signed set for our Brumby rescue for a fundraiser, We are attending the Seymour Expo this month it is for three days and we would be happy to promo the books for you we can also advertise on our website.

  2. Hello IFWG,
    I’m reviewing Jeffery E. Doherty’s Paper Magic for a uni assignment and would like to reference IFWG correctly. Does it stand for International Fantasy Writers’ Guild?
    Lynette Oxley (Master’s Candidate)

    • Hi Lynette – yes, that’s exactly what IFWG stands for. We began as a guild of writers, and transitioned to publishing – shedding much of the original purpose of the guild, but choosing to retain the title – although we consciously keep to the acronym rather than the full title. Gerry

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