Recording of Live Virtual Launch of The Five Star Republic

IFWG Publishing had a fantastic time hosting the Virtual Live Launch of Janeen Webb and Andrew Enstice’s recently released The Five Star Republic (Book 1 of the City of the Sun trilogy). With the wonders of technology, we have the recording of this event for your viewing pleasure:

copyright 2021 IFWG Publishing Australia

We were very fortunate to gather together distinguished contributors and guests that covered many insights into the novel:

  • Janeen Webb and Andrew Enstice (authors, Victoria, Australia)
  • Richard Harland (MC, New South Wales, Australia)
  • Rob Gerrand (Introduction, Melbourne, Australia)
  • Nancy Kress (guest, Seattle, USA)
  • Dena Taylor (guest, Toronto, Canada)
  • Sean McMullen (guest, Melbourne, Australia)
  • Venero Armanno (guest, Brisbane, Australia)
  • Jack Dann (closing statement, Victoria, Australia)
  • Gerry Huntman (Publisher, Gold Coast, Australia)

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