News: Release of A Reason To Kill

It is with a great deal of pride that we announce the release of A Reason to Kill, by Geraldine Fitzsimmons – her third novel through IFWG Publishing. Geraldine holds a special place with our company as we are a speculative fiction and children’s book publisher, but in her case we have made an exception – she writes hard-boiled thrillers and suspense novels, more often than not in recent historical settings. They are gritty, authentic in backdrop, and not for the squeamish.

Another sign of our strong relationship with Geraldine is we didn’t balk from this long novel – 636 page worth of it! And while it might be hard to read it end to end in one sitting, we believe that lovers of the genre will do it in very few readings indeed.

full cover A Reason to Kill

“I’m gonna kill you!” is a common response, said as often in jest as in anger. Humans have a lot of reasons to dispose of one another so most of them could well mean it. Political games haven’t changed much since Mankind learned to walk upright. The same tools popular in Greek and Roman cultures are active today, including monetary schemes and sexual ploys used to enhance the power plays. Anything is acceptable, even murder (but don’t get caught) to advance one’s ambition.

Did a psychopath kill Andrea Nelson? In 1984 at the time of the murders a stage was set and the law might have accepted this if it wasn’t for the diaries she left behind. At first, Andrea’s scribbling appears worthless, even her mother claimed she was a habitual liar; so who bothered to send the books to a police captain’s home and for what reason?

Shelia Connors Beechen’s death has been judged an accident. Without a body can the truth be found out? Unbeknownst to them, Andrea Nelson and Shelia Connors have the same biological daddy—a nasty problem as Andrea is having an affair with Shelia’s brother.

We leave 1984 and the murders of the half-sisters; the story drops back to 1976 when Thomas Devlin first met Andrea Neilson. His future was looking grand, he was moving into a position in the powerful Connors’ political group. Already involved with the married Shelia, he finds himself in an uncomfortable situation when Andrea decides to pursue him. Although the women have been close friends since childhood, at this time neither is aware they share the same biological parent.

A Reason to Kill will soon be available through all good online bookstores worldwide, including in ebook format. You can purchase it now direct through our own store by clicking here.

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