Sneak Peek: Internal artwork of Peripheral Visions by Nick Stathopoulos (3)

This is the third sneak peek post related to Nick Stathopoulos’ collaboration with us for Robert Hood’s reference collection of ghost stories, Peripheral Visions. We’re halfway there.

For those of you who have just joined us, we have decided to have an illustration for each of the six sections of the hardcover version, including the signed, limited edition, and it is shaping up to be spectacular. We must share them with you over coming weeks.

This illustration is for the section titled ‘Haunted Minds’. We definitely got spooked out by this piece -and the model looks familiar…

Internal - Minds

The best way to get to see this, and all the other internal illustrations, is to own them in high resolution format in the hardcover edition, coming out in April. If you pre-order now, you won’t be disappointed, as you will also get a heap of bonus material, including a Nick Stathopoulos designed signature block.

Stay tuned – over coming weeks we will show you other, stunning illustrations.

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